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Feeling overwhelmed by social media? Me too.

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Do you feel like 500 things per day are competing for your attention? Are you feeling overwhelmed and pressure to be on social media constantly?

You are not alone and I think this pressure is actually building; if we don’t learn how to deal with this new world, it is only going to get worse. This is a new age where information is now abundant. Companies, entrepreneurs, and your friends are competing to get a few seconds, a minute, or an hour of your attention.

I do realize the irony of me posting about how social media is overwhelming our lives, as I write this post, on social media. But I also think that conversations like this are part of the solution. It’s not about distancing ourselves completely from social media, it’s about being aware how much content we consume, how we spend our time, and how we use technology to enhance our “real life” and build relationships with people.

Photo by Perry Grone on Unsplash

The Light and the Dark Sides of Social Media

I love social media, I know it has already changed the world. It has created a new, more connected and loving society. It has enabled humanity to see what’s really happening all over the planet, it has created communities, and it has spurred innovation and collaboration.

But with all of the good, we also have to acknowledge and learn how to deal with the dark side of this new world. Social media also has us addicted to our smart phones, it has added stress to our lives, and it has divisions forming between people, governments, and nations.

Dealing with our Screen Time Addiction

Just this past week, ABC’s 2020 came out with a special about Screen Time and our relationship with technology. It was a bit scary to see how addicted kids and families are to our devices. Technology is creating a divide between how we relate to the world around us.

I was also in Venice Beach, California when Thomas from Yes Theory posted that he wanted to meet the Yes Fam for an episode. Another bit of irony as he has a YouTube channel with millions of followers, but he wanted us to take out our phones and realize how much time we spend on our devices each day. And to ask us it is the way we want to be spending our time on Earth.

So how do we deal with this new world?

It is not about distancing ourselves from social media and technology completely. It’s about making us aware of how we interact with technology, and how we can use technology and social media to enhance our “real lives” without getting us sucked into our screens.

There was a reason why Thomas wanted all of us to pull out our phones and become aware of the amount of time we spend on our screens. He wanted to make everyone to realize if we should shift some of that time off to other things, our quality of life will increase. More time for working out, socializing, building things, or having fun with friends!

I’ve taken this to heart over the last several months and spent my time creating real life connections. I spent the first 4 months of this year in California, going to events such as The Magic of Human Connection, Modo Yoga classes, House Builds with The Greatness Foundation, and Yes Theory meetups.

Through people like Sky Cowans, I have learned of technology free retreats with Brick: The Phone-free Movement. I’ve tried to put myself in as many environments as I can to create real human connection. But the reality is, my awareness about these events and organizations wouldn’t be possible without technology and social media.

So we have to learn how to create a balance between our devices, and our lives. If we shift our mindset to start using technology to enhance real life, in person connections, I think our stress levels, our mindsets, and our life will be better off.

The way I’m helping to bridge this gap is to create in-person retreats for people to connect, grow, and train our brains and bodies for growth and success. The next one is happening this summer in Croatia from June 5th to June 12th. If you would like to join us, please leave a comment below and checkout the website here!

Join us this summer in Croatia for the 2nd annual Personal Growth Sailing Retreat



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