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Get a passing grade, instead of a failing grade in math.

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Mathematics, the difficult subject for many of us. I myself had a lot of trouble with it and couldn’t get a pass. Until I started thinking about the way I was learning. I started doing research and found out that I was doing it totally wrong.

Studying before the test longer my and the day before!

Anyone can do math. Passing math is possible for everyone, including your child! Above all, it takes a lot of practice. You can only understand math if you practice it really well, but you have to do more to get a pass.

That’s why I created this text. Here I give steps to get a pass. Anyone can do math. That’s true. It’s just more work for some students than others. You may be learning or practicing wrong. That’s why these steps.

Everyone get a passing grade in math?

Maybe your child can’t get a passing grade in every math section. But everyone can get a pass in math on their report card. Provided there is no dyscalculia and you follow the advice of the math teacher for math A or B in junior grades. Below you will find 6 steps to a sufficient grade in mathematics. I have written these steps for students. Print out the steps below and discuss them with your child.

Passing math in 6 steps

First of all, paying attention in class is important. Therefore, you should actively participate. Your teacher gives extra tips and explanations that are not in the book. Make notes of this. This will help you learn and practice for the test.

Second, your homework is important. Do all the assignments in the book even if you don’t understand them. After doing the assignments, ask your teacher for help. He sees what you are doing wrong and can specifically answer your question. Otherwise, it is more difficult for him.

Next, review the assignments. Do not cross out the wrong answers, but analyze what went wrong. Did you misread the question? Did you round incorrectly? Or miscalculated? Did you not understand the sum? If you work this way you will get insight faster. You will then see what you need to practice on for the test.

In addition, accurate and complete work is important. So state calculations, intermediate steps and units, otherwise you will lose valuable points. In mathematics, the ‘way to get there’ is more important than the answer. Therefore, write down everything you do.

Finally, math consists of 30% learning theory and 70% practicing.So in preparation for the test you learn the theory and practice with sums to apply the theory. Make sure you practice at the level of the test. For example, in the most widely used math method Number and Space you don’t just make the D-test and the Review.

Instead, make the Mixed Solutions, which correspond to the level of the rehearsals. If the GO goes well, without consulting your book, your knowledge and understanding of that chapter is generally good. No Number and Space? Ask your teacher where you can find practice materials at the level of the test.

Learning in 1 day?

Still made the mistake of procrastinating too long? You really shouldn’t do this with the next chapter. You just can’t. It is 80% sure that you will not get a good grade, unless you have paid attention in class and already understand it quite well.

If you want to learn it in 1 day do as follows:

  1. Read through all the theory. But really read all the theory. Every piece of text there is in the book. Do not do this in 1 time! Read for 25 minutes and then take a break. Otherwise you forget all the theory.
  2. Make assignments. Do these tasks and analyze them well. It is important that you know what you are doing wrong. Do the same thing I said earlier in this teskt.
  3. Once you know what you did wrong, go watch video about it. You can easily find this on YouTube. Watch this video again with breaks in it. Watch for 25 minutes and then take a 5 minute break.
  4. Then you are going to practice it again. Do this until you understand it. Otherwise you really don’t succeed. Remember, you don’t want one subject to be perfect. All average is better than 1 subject a 10.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you know it.

If you understand it completely, you are ready for the test. Don’t study until late at night, because sleep is important for a good performance. Of course, that’s what you want most.

Math remains a difficult subject. Anyone can do it, really anyone. With this text I want to make clear what can already go wrong. I give was steps how to do it.

This series will continue for a while. The subject of biology, English and French are still to come. Maybe more. This week!

I wish you good luck with practicing for your test, or that of your child



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