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Here’s Why School Curriculum Needs To Include Therapy Sessions

Some knowledge needs to be gained outside of the syllabus.

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All over the world, Schools are known to have been functioning with a set of default course matters, and a set of (more or less) default extra-curriculars.

As the world is changing ever more rapidly, moment by moment, we can’t deny the amount of new information every child is exposed to, nowadays.

From toddlers to teenagers, the possibilities for experiencing pretty much anything, is endless, and all of that is further accentuated by the styles of parenting and teaching that is evolving as time goes on.

In the light of such ways in which the world is continually leaving a mark upon the younger generation, it just seems as though they could benefit from consistent therapy sessions as a part of their school curriculum;

So that they are better equipped to shape their malleable selves, with the right tools and in the right ways.

Well, as cliché as it does sound, everyone needs therapy;

It’s not just something people going through trying times require;

It is a tool that can support anyone to grow into better versions of themselves;

And it is a tool that humans can use from an early age, so that it only gets better as they grow older.

Here’s to advocating for an addition to school curriculum, to include mandatory therapy sessions.


There’s a difference between having Counsellors in Schools whom children can reach out to, “if they ever feel a need to talk things out” and having Counsellors in Schools whom children “need to” have mandatory sessions with, on a consistent basis.

Yes, it is understandable if the frequency of such sessions varies from one child to another, but the point being, every child goes through therapy consistently through their years at Schools.

Developing Emotional Intelligence constitutes an important component of cultivating a healthy mindset, and consequently, being able to do what’s needed to live a healthy life;

It is also understandable that maturing emotionally is something that is brought about by experiences that life offers, which certainly varies from one person to another;

But it is equally true, that one can equip themselves with an awareness for emotional maturity, through absorbing knowledge in several forms — that can include (but is not limited to) the following:

1. Undergoing therapy sessions on a consistent basis.

2. Exposing oneself with resources such as reading articles, books, etc. on related topics.

3. Practising the theories gained through therapy and learnings by applying them to their daily lives.

Most of these are easier said than done, but they are achievable and doable acts, if worked on consciously.

What Could The Potential Benefits Be?

Incorporating Therapy into School curriculum will be a process, and like any process, the fruits are bound to appear over time.

1. Unwire Societal Conditioning Associated With Therapy

It is true that therapy has now begun to be accepted as a process that everyone can benefit from, but there’s still a lot of societal conditioning that blocks such benefits from reaching their full potential, and from people being able to utilize it fully.

Wouldn’t it be contributing towards building a better world, when the younger generation embed undergoing therapy as a natural part of growing up?

2. A Practical Playground For Experimenting With Insights Gained

This could be an aspect of learning that children can actually put to practice in their lives, and see how it benefits them.

Gaining self-awareness along with sharpening other life skills through therapy sessions, will enable every child to experiment with those concepts and understand ways to apply them in their everyday lives, as they build new connections and continue being exposed to being shaped by the world in innumerable ways.

3. A World That Is Made Up Of Emotionally Mature Adults

It is true that maturity doesn’t automatically dawn upon humans as they age, rather it is something that is built over time as a person broadens their horizon of experiences.

Part of building that maturity is also in equipping oneself with the right tools of awareness, something that therapy conveniently offers, so that one can cope with an uncertain life, in all the right ways.

When every child is given access to this opportunity, the world will be a place that is celebrated by a set of healthy, emotionally mature individuals.

Certainly, these aren’t the only benefits associated with introducing mandatory therapy sessions into School curriculum, but these can be a good place to start to understand its worth.

It is truly exciting to consider a possibility of a world where children grow up with some of the most potent tools at their disposal — Emotional Intelligence, Self-Awareness, Practical Psychology…

…In addition to learning to solve algebraic equations, memorizing dates in history, understanding laws of motion, and so goes the list.

Everyone is a student of life, and it is why every child needs to gain some essential knowledge from outside the syllabus.

Building a world where kids are given a real opportunity to become better versions of themselves, has the power to transform many intertwined lives for the better.




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