Homelessness update #4

We will have affordable housing or we will find ourselves in prison cells

The Gentrification-to-Prison Pipeline

Beautifully written story by an incarcerated man from Detroit about how his city transformed:

“I am certain we were being pushed out of the Cass Corridor, displaced through a complex network of public and private interests. In the mid 1980s, Detroit Mayor Coleman Young announced that city dollars would be used to finance the development of downtown hotels, so that Detroit could attract convention business. Homes were foreclosed.”

Anarchists’ Damage High-End Cars, Newly Developed Properties in Philly, Leave Behind Anti-Gentrification Message

Anarchists do something.

Anarchists leave this message behind after vandalizing property in a gentrifying neighborhood in Phila

The party city grows up: how Berlin’s clubbers built their own urban village

Eviction hot spot: Chicago’s South Shore

“According to data obtained from the sheriff’s office, no Cook County zip code has seen more evictions than South Shore, 60649, since the office began tracking these numbers in 2011,” Maya Dukmasova writes for the Chicago Reader. That area has seen close to 400 evictions since 2011 when the CPD started keeping records of them. The neighborhood, which borders Lake Michigan has a disproportionate number of Chicagoans who spend 50% or more of their earnings on rent, according to a DePaul study.

20 million people could ‘starve to death’ in next six months

Urgent action is needed to save the lives of people facing famine in North Eastern Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan and Yemen, the UN leading food and agriculture agency’s chief on April 28 warned. “If nothing is done, some 20 million people could starve to death in the next six months.”

San Bernardino to lead the nation in support of homeless women

Portraits of homelessness in Seattle

“They say I’m homeless. I say I’m a Seattle friend, so get II know me,” 38-year-old Charles writes in flamboyant script in his journal entry.
An animator, radio DJ, recording artist, actor and father, Charles says he doesn’t want pity, and he doesn’t like the word “homeless.” He prefers “displaced.”
“That word ‘homeless’ — it’s crippling,” he says.

Street Roots vendor profile: A worldly view on homelessness, compassion

“I grew up in Portland and Albuquerque,” Drew said. “I lived here until I was 18, and then I socialized in New Mexico a little bit. I saved up my money ’cause grunge at the time was big and Portland was rapidly starting to lose its grittiness and its realness, so I decided to see other places. When you grow up somewhere, you think the world revolves around that place.”

House repeals the Affordable Care Act, gets rid of funding dedicated to supportive housing

Fire engulfs homeless encampment under freeway in Oakland

Local funding provides vital homeless prevention and shelter in Cincinnati

Advocacy group details shortfalls of program for DC’s homeless

Homelessness in OC: The Four Shelter Types

The kinds of shelter you run into on the streets.

Columbus, Ohio business group wants homeless camp removed

We’re all surprised.