How the UK Failed the Education System

Tavian Jean-Pierre
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5 min readAug 18, 2021


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Last year in the UK, students decided to take to the streets to protest for better grades. Many of them came out with average scores, and a lot of them scraped their university offers.

The students complained that the teachers did not account for COVID-19 pressures. They were angry and wanted better grades than they received.

As a result, the UK listened to their cries and inflated their grades. This lead to record-breaking stats in A’s and A* grades. A shocking 38.5% of students managed to secure these high grades in at least one subject.

Although students were happy, experts warned that doing this only leads to mediocrity. It causes students to devalue the importance of school and being educated. Now, you would think that the UK would learn from their mistakes. But they did not.

This year, students ended up with even higher grades, with 44.8% of students ending up with top grades. On results day, students were laughing and shouting things like, are you serious.

The students could not believe the grades they were opening. The students laughing at this is nothing more than the education system being mocked for their incompetence.

The UK have failed both the education system and their students by allowing this to happen. Yes, students have had a hard time. I understand that better than anyone else as a student myself. But these grade inflations do nothing but steal from the value of education in broad daylight.

For the students, their joy of getting inflated grades will quickly fade. However, what will never fade is the disappointing action the UK committed.

Here are the main reasons why the UK have failed education with their inflated grades.

Education Has Taught That Hard Times Reap Reward

Before results day, I saw students posting things like:

“No need to revise. I already got my A.”

“COVID-19 has blessed me.”

“Hope COVID stays here for another three years so I can pass University.”



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