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How to Be at Peace Despite Everything Going on in the World

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There’s a lot going on in the world. It’s like the more time passes, the more the cases increase. If you say you want to go off social media because it’s too toxic, you still have your television, newspapers, blogs, and other media channels. There’s no escaping what goes on in the world; you have to hear it somehow unless you want to go off to some jungle without the internet or other human beings. Just you, the animals and nature. Suppose this is what you want to do, Goodluck!

To be at peace in this clime, you have to be indifferent about some things. As I said earlier, many things are going on in the world today, and people are reacting in all sorts of ways. You may or may not be affected by what’s happening, but you put yourself in a world of mental stress if you keep reacting to everything and feel like what you tell someone on social media can change anything.

You need to understand something that people are different. And we all have different views about certain things — and that’s fine.

The media reports good and bad news, but somehow, the bad news tends to last longer because it’s our nature to spread bad news — which means better coverage for the news company. According to Psychology Today, for every seventeen negative news reports, there is only one positive report.

So there is more negative news out there, so if you keep reacting to everything you see, you would always have something to get mad about. Won’t it be better to overlook it?

Evil has been happening and will always occur. It’s human nature to do evil. People would always do wrong, and there would still be bad news to report.

How do you feel when you read news about several deaths, or someone got raped or someone was beaten to death. You’d want to speak out so that change would happen, right? I admire that very much, but I want to ask you something. Haven’t these things been happening before social media? Aren’t there many things that happen that we don’t hear of, and we go on like everything is normal?

We go on with our lives because we don’t know. We’re not aware of it. When we hear something, there’d be a massive outrage — everyone with their different agenda. Then another fight would break out in another subgroup because one person’s views on the topic offended what the other person stood for.

They would transfer their anger and frustrations on whoever the person is. That person would get angrier, and rain insults on whoever is against them. That’s how the negativity would keep spreading from person to person. Tell me, is it possible for you to be happy after receiving insults from someone in front of everyone online who watched the exchange?

The person would be in a worse mood than they were before they started the conversation.

This pattern would go on and on for every lousy news shared online.

Why do you think more people are depressed today than ever? Is it because worse things are happening now? Obviously not because bad things have always been happening. The reason is, we have the resources now to see everything going in the world, unlike how it was in the past.

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

The people that can remain at peace in these times are the people who are not bothered about most of the things going on around the world. Once you unlock this, you’re well on your way to peace.

We all have our responsibilities to handle. Those are the things that we can’t be indifferent about because they are our responsibilities. You cannot be unconcerned about paying your bills, taking care of your family, and being kind to everyone around you. Those things are necessities.

It’s not directly your cross to carry if there are floods in another state. Or a child got killed by the parent. Or people don’t have enough food to eat. It’s not your business, so if you start commenting about all these things on social media and adding to the chaos, you’re increasing the problem. If you want to make it your business, actually go there and offer to help, make contributions, go to the community and offer your help — rather than ranting on social media.

Sitting down on your comfortable bed and talking about people that are going through one hardship or another would make you and the people around you, depressed. If you cannot do anything to help, you should stop talking about it. Say a prayer for them and move on with your life. That’s the best you can do.

There’s so much evil in the world. There are rape cases, racism, unemployment, etc. These things keep springing up every day. Someone somewhere would do something, and it would arise the ‘social media activism’ in you.

But if you keep complaining about things that aren’t within your control, you would keep remaining unhappy — and spreading unhappiness likewise. And that’s facts. So to be happy, don’t bother about things you cannot change directly through your actions.

Thank you for reading.



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