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How to defuse Noisy Students in the Classroom

or the last 28 years, I have been working in schools as a teacher and a principal.

The first lesson in teaching is to know how to hold the students’ attention to what a teacher speaks in the classroom.


An ability to cut off classroom chatter is the test of a teacher carried out by students in the class. Noisy students inflame the teacher and injure the desire for teaching. Unwanted noises draw away sincere students and harm their studies.

The Study Report published in International Journal of Scientific Research found that 56% of students responding to related question said, chatter in classroom and scraping sounds from tables and chairs were one of sources of annoying noise led to easily broken attention.

Chaos in the class results in poor teaching output. Some of the best teachers sometimes face this problem if not expected in advance. With a bit of professional tactfulness, we can check the problem.

Punishment is No Solution

Some teachers secure silence in the classroom by scaring young children. But it does not work with teenagers.

Silencing the children in the fear of punishment is not the correct way to control a class. Scared children slip away from thinking and understanding.

Inquiring minds of children are stopped.

If the children do not ask questions. The point of inquiry- a vital part of education, can not be brought up.

Most of the teachers meet the problem more or less. But they learn in due course of time how to deal with it. Sometimes, the teachers continue to suffer for a long time.

Maybe, they keep on focusing on unruly students instead of working over the situations, pointing to class disorder.

A teacher needs to test own behavior, actions, and body language as a student does in the class.

If you look at something to improve. Work on it.

Different Approach for a Different Age- group

The approach to deal with noisy students differs from age to age. Because they have different mental levels, excuses, and designs according to age.

Children check their teachers like teachers. You have to prove that you are smarter than the children in everything.

I have a few suggestions that may help the teachers to ensure a disciplined class:

Establish a Teacher’s Authority

You need not impose authority. But the students willingly accept it. Selfless, careful guidance of the teacher moves the hearts of children. They feel secure and confident under the control of the teacher. They love, respect, and praise their teacher.

I am not in a dream but; I have seen happening with many teachers.

This is what I am talking about. That the teacher needs to establish.

Children mark every point of the teacher’s personality. They are keen observers. A teacher should speak guarded language, have calculated action, and show decent body language. A teacher well informed and prepared in the subject gets the faith of students.

We humans by genes honor and respect to those who prove them wiser, sharper, and faster than us. The same applies to children. They want a teacher with these qualities to command them. A disciplined teacher turns out well to bring order in the class.

Like a physician, the teacher checks those students first who are unconsciously breaking the order of class. With no idea that they are spoiling themselves.

The teacher loves a slow learner and undisciplined more than brilliant in the class. Because they need a teacher’s urgent attention.

You should remember that you are a complete package of knowledge, discipline, guidance, and supervision.

Integrity and commitment put to the test

Whatever you tell, the students check if you act upon your own. You can touch the feelings of the students if you do what you say. A teacher is a well- wisher and motivator of the students with no compromise. He/ she is neither flexible nor rigid. He/ she can be soft or strict in the greater interest of the students.

Tell this message to your students loud and clear. And hold that you say.

Students time and again put their teachers in a tight corner to decide between two undesirable choices. And go through their trustworthiness.

Never Ignore Unruly Students

Some teachers, in a hurry to cover the syllabus, may think students will calm down if neglected. Unlike the situation expected, they will become worse and worse every day. Because being neutral in the matter of indiscipline is the green light.

The faith of other students in the teacher’s capacity to control the class and correct the students losing their way, reduce. And many students in the class will miss respect for the teacher.

You must give first attention to keep discipline in the class.

Pinpoint Disturbing Students

The teachers are to be careful to spot unsettled students while teaching. You need to make eye contact with every student present in the class and look at their actions. In case of making out any restless students, talk to one by one out of the classroom.

If possible, tell parents about their class behavior. Parents will also drive them to behave in the class.

Divide the teaching period into Segments

Soon after reaching a classroom, do not start the topic. Spare some time to interact with students and prepare them to listen to you with due attention. And then come to the day’s lesson. Before the finish, you must give enough time to students to ask their doubts. If students have no query, you can check how better they understand.

Thus, you have three segments of your presence in the class. Tell students to follow the segment schedule.

Display List of ‘Dos’, not ‘Don’ts.’

Be positive. No need to include your “Don’ts”. What you expect from students and how they behave in class. Make a chart of these points in bold letters and put them on the front wall. And once in a week read aloud.

The technique will work out to junior grades.

Control yourself. Control your students.



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