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A simple guide to submitting works to publications on Medium

Stephen Muskett, M.S.Ed
Mar 11 · 3 min read

The first part of this article is pertaining to the general process of submitting work to publications on Medium. The second part has to do with writing for Age of Awareness how to contribute to the publication.

I write this as it is not always clear for many writers on Medium how to submit their works to publications. This is a question that comes up frequently when writers/authors try to submit to Age of Awareness. For those not familiar with the site it can be a little unclear how to locate the icon with the option to submit.

First, you need to reach out to the publication or whoever manages the publication. You need to ask them to be added as an author to the publication so you can have the option to submit it to the publication.

Second, you go to the “three dots” at the end of your article (picture below).

Third, you select the publication you want to add it to (if you are successfully added as an author). When you click the three dots, you should see a similar menu pictured below. Let me know if you have any questions.

Why write for Age of Awareness?

AoA is working for positive change — Be part of a community that wants to bring authentic and lasting changes to the current education system(s)

Get more eyes on your work — AoA reaches 1000s of people per day

Network — AoA has over 200 authors from around the world (much of them actively involved in the education community)


Education Reform


Sustainability & Sustainable Development


Student Life

Or similar topics you feel would be a good fit for the publication

What to do before you submit?

  • check your article over for typos and possible formatting mistakes
  • include titles and cover photo (make sure that you include the credit for the photographer and/or source)
  • cite your work (if applicable)

For more information on what to do before you submit please read the following articles:

  1. 5 of the Most Common, Easy-to-Fix Problems We See in Curation
  2. Medium’s Curation Guidelines: everything writers need to know

The importance of using tags for your articles

Tags allow for your articles to be categorized on Medium and can help them be found easier by the readers that you desire (ie articles with the tag ‘education’ will be found by those interested in education). For AoA, we use four main tags that split our articles and works into four main categories. Those tags are in the red box below:

We suggest that you add tags like ‘education’, ‘tech’, ‘teaching’, ‘learning’, ‘schools’, ‘edtech’, ‘higher education’, ‘education technology’ and so on. These tags will help your work reach your target audience.

Please note that Medium’s Terms of Service applies to Age of Awareness, as it is a Medium publication. Make sure you read it before submitting your article.

Age of Awareness

Stories providing creative, innovative, and sustainable changes to the education system

Stephen Muskett, M.S.Ed

Written by

Environmental & STEAM Ed.| Advocate/Activist for sustainable societies | Educator | Creating connections between people and nature

Age of Awareness

Stories providing creative, innovative, and sustainable changes to the education system

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