How Udacity Scholarship has changed my coding life.

May 5, 2018 · 2 min read

Hello folks!
Today, I’m going to share my first coding experience before/after selection in Phase 1 of Udacity Front-End(FEND) India Scholarship (supported by Google).

Before Selection:
I was polishing my PHP skills for getting a suitable job in a local company. As usual, I was searching for some free courses to learn some concepts of PHP.
Then I visited Udacity website which was like ‘gold pile in coal’. I got to know about FEND scholarship which was a great opportunity as well as supported by Google.
Then I felt that why Google offered us(40k students) a free scholarship?
After exploring much details about this course, I joined it & got selected as a FEND participant(10k for each scholarship).

After Selection:
After getting selected, I joined Udacity ‘Slack’ channel & discussion forums for contributing & getting help from other scholars.
I found the content structure of this course is well organised. Apart, I have already learned basics of HTML, CSS, JavaScript & jQuery in my Bachelors (in CS) 6-weeks training. I wanted to test my skill set. Each and every lesson quizzes were getting harder and harder especially JavaScript lessons, but I really liked to solve the challenges on my own (instead of asking the complete code). Whenever I need help, Slack/Discussion forums were there.

No one comes to help, no one comes to contribute, everybody came to learn and to serve.

Now, the saddest part has coming near to the end on 29th of May :(
Only 350 out of 10k scholars would selected for phase 2 according to their selection criteria.

There is no place for regret, at least most of us have already boosted their energy to the fullest by helping each others.

In that way, I also learned to get socialize on virtual/online community. I got enough confidence to share my thoughts via slack/discussion forums & now writing my first story on medium.

Maybe, I missed something to mention. Remind me via comment box &
don’t forget to read my Thanking note(by clicking here).

“Thanks again Google & Udacity for changing our lives.

Your appreciation would really helpful for me to write amazing articles in future.

With Best,


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CSS Enthusiast, Love to listen & compose music.

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