Humanizing Education (Thoughts draft #1)

The education system is broken when nobody needs it anymore, when there is a viable and responsible alternative.

Such alternative however does not reside in free-spirited and work-oriented postmodern ‘colleges’ and ‘academies’ which scientific output could hardly reach any of good-class traditional universities.

But in the disruption of way the scientific progress is being done. The knowledge generated is being formally encrypted and monopolized by publishing companies.

The work of many is atomized and disconnected even if thoughts written are alike. Creating a mess and chaos in which only a few skillful and over-years experienced people in the field are able to swim.

The centralization and dependence is obvious. To each thought and to each concept there should be a clear path for any of us to follow. Not within years, neither months, but mere minutes.

The concepts themselves are easy, it is their cognitive acquisition we have made so difficult.

Adapting to the world of technology we must stand up, find and recognize our human ways of thinking again. We must rethink the concept of writing, the computer and its interface to adjust them to our own human thought models, not the other way around.

And especially in these times, we must release our wild and curious spirit, a never-ending thrill to explore and discover, the same way we’ve done it during the enlightenment era to not to happen to be as humanity useless, but rather a suitable and competent partner of artificial and space intelligence in order to thrive and live together at peace in the ages to come.

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