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6 min readJul 26, 2020


The food system is broken.

This is the belief of New York City-based urban farm We Are The New Farmers. It’s also a guiding principle in their business.

“We started We Are The New Farmers because we believe that there is a dire need for more sustainable food alternatives,” explains CEO & Cofounder Jonas Günther.

Source: We Are The New Farmers

The AgTech start-up cultivates and sells microalgae called spirulina. Many people are familiar with spirulina in the dried powder form, which is typically accompanied by a fishy or bitter taste. Improving on its flavor, the New Farmers harvest spirulina as a fresh product that has the creamy consistency of hummus and features a much more mild taste.

Plus, because the spirulina is fresh instead of dehydrated, the nutrients are more bioavailable. This means they’re more easily absorbable and actively beneficial when eaten.

Health Benefits of Spirulina:

  • Source of complete vegan protein. Provides eight essential amino acids (which is rare for a plant-based food).
  • Full of highly absorbable nutrients. Rich in beneficial micronutrients like B vitamins, iron, calcium, and zinc in their organic forms.
  • Improves exercise performance. Clean, active, and ancient plant-based fuel for your body.
  • Preventive and curative. Contains antioxidants that fight against damaging agents in the bloodstream and decrease inflammation in the body.
  • Promotes recovery. Packed with iron that activates red blood cell growth and amino acids that accelerate recovery.
  • Natural detoxifier. Contains chlorophyll, phycocyanin and beta-carotene, compounds that remove toxins from the blood while helping to prevent cell damage.
  • Natural prebiotic. Promotes a diverse and balanced microbiome, which stimulates a robust metabolism and resilient immune system.

We Are The New Farmers believe that spirulina can play an integral role in a circular food system. Furthering this vision, The New…



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