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Mallorca, North-West Coast Photo: Daniel Christian Wahl

Islands as case studies for bioregional regeneration

“a distinct area with coherent and interconnected plant and animal communities, and natural systems, often defined by a watershed. A bioregion is a whole “life-place” with unique requirements for human inhabitation so that it will not be disrupted and injured”.

The island of Mallorca has a cosmopolitan yet relatively small city of just under half a million inhabitants on a landmass of 3640 km2 with a population of just under one million. Along with its extremely diverse Mediterranean climate pattern and an exceptionally high food plant biodiversity make the island an excellent case study for bioregional regeneration and the transition to regionally focussed circular biomaterials economies.
The global Extinction Rebellion movement has made the above one of their core principles. I was delighted to see them use a direct quote from my book ‘Designing Regenerative Cultures’ as their inspiration for this principle, and have recently engaged them in a positive conversation about why the plural in ‘regenerative cultures’ matters. A healthy world will thrive on diversity and regenerative cultures will express that diversity sourced out of the uniqueness of place and nourished by the essence of the people (re)inhabiting that place.



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Daniel Christian Wahl

Catalysing transformative innovation, cultural co-creation, whole systems design, and bioregional regeneration. Author of Designing Regenerative Cultures