Jesus and his politicised Birthday Bash

Western Christianity is a negotiable reality.

Warsan Garrow
Age of Awareness
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3 min readJan 9, 2024


I celebrate my arrival on this planet twice a year. The actual reason is the limited festive days within my culture and religion.

Christianity has always offered us an enviable amount of free days.

The Orthodox Christian community celebrates the birth of Christ on the 6th of January.

This has always been the case among those I learned from countries such as Ethiopia, Russia, some from Poland, and now also Ukraine.

The bleeding heart of the Wild West has always extended a helping hand to the rest of the world. Waving a colourful flag sprinkled with a dash of perfume, a hint of tears from purposefully left behind irrelevant members of kin.

Everything well intended is a mission that serves a purpose. The ultimate silver lining of discomfort and; “What’s in it for the West?”

Under the smoke of good intention is chaos and disorganisation, more disheartening stuff that naturally goes with creating fumes amidst corruption and further confusion.

A successful mission is a discourse with a ray of smoke of white male farts.

The ongoing war in Ukraine and the countries’ growing affiliation with the West are more or less bad sci-fi movies. It is adding millions of new Whites to the West. If that’s not to soothe the horrors of ‘becoming a minority in the White man’s habitat,’ the Whites going extinct narrative, I don’t know what is.
It is only a matter of time before we witness whether that plays out in the desired direction.

Ukrainians are a refreshing addition to the stagnant, inbred White baby-making mill. Alice has arrived in ‘Wonderland’ and has no problems multiplying. At least now she has rights that protect her from blatant corruption, and she no longer has to sell her uterus to the enemy to get by.

Ukrainians are integrating rapidly.

I am also looking forward to the jokes from the same White males about these women. I remember how Western Europe flourished once they opened the gates for EU memberships.

Finally, this could mean a happy ending for vegan milk sales, funky autoimmune conditions, and, ultimately, a healthy increase in the average heights of Western children.

Ukrainians’ political alliance is so far-reaching that it’s threatening the nation’s consciousness. The pledge to the West also meant a dent and, ultimately, a vital shift in this country’s religious inclination.

Jesus’ birthday bash, for example, is from now on in December instead of January—a perfect alignment to the West’s most extensive fat-making campaign.

What’s a religion if it can’t be customised to one’s desires? That is Christianity being true to itself, a negotiable concept to a complex state of harmony and understanding.

It’s like the West flew to this small Eastern country with a massive boner, not just to extinguish its fires.

As this nation is slowly stripped of its cultural core, its religious essence is the latest to undergo an unprecedented metamorphosis.

“Want a financial injection Ukraine?

Give me your soul,” said the West, defusing Europe’s last bit of moral fibre.

The West is ruthless, and now poor Ukraine is decimating its rich cultural sentiment to the soulless, two-faced, and stone-cold abyss that’s called the “Western civilisation.”

Soon, the historical buildings will make way for fast and affordable fashion stores, and Ukrainians will only be consuming American and Western European foods and alcohol.

Continental Europe will grow elegantly with little French and insufficient time for the terrifying German grammar. There is no chill to stumble over Spanish tongue twisters, so we’ll settle for grey and middle-ground English and, before you know it — bland. I can’t be opposed to the idea of English being the main language in the whole of Europe, considering how much its mastery is desired even among the most morally decapitated White trash on the outskirts of the EU continent.

“What time to be alive?” Said an old goose once frustrated, coming to terms with her incompetencies.

While Europe is drawning, not just metaphorically, it still manages to rewrite history through its consolidation efforts — redefining every aspect it does not like by forcing its non-culture on other cultures.

I get that we have to keep building bridges in order for all of us to reap some kind of benefit.

Hold on to that essential economic thinking for dear life.

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