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Kids are Messy: a Camera Technique to Help Cope

Not to fix the mess, but to change the perspective

I have young kids. They are a mess. It feels like my wife and I are constantly cleaning up after them.

I was having a lot of trouble with the messes especially when a child looks you in the eye while dumping a cup of whatever on the floor.

Every time, it was trigger for disproportionate rage.

I knew it wasn’t fair because I was applying adult standards to toddlers.

I needed to change.

I discovered a quick short cut when my son threw up all over the floor. I was more impressed than mad about the quantity of mess.

So I took a picture. It took the edge off. It felt like it was a past event now that it was documented, and I could share precisely the struggle. I also didn’t have to take it personal.

I worked on changing my reaction from anger to photojournalist.

I was documenting these moments for further study.

Or to let people know the challenges.

Really, it just allowed me to laugh.

Left: what’s on every wall next to a kid’s bed. Right: Not poop, just Crew gel.

This is just kids being kids.

This one hurt my heart more than others.

While it might feel personal, it only feels personal because I’m making it personal. They would behave the same way no matter who was there.




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