Life After Mold

D.V. Ford
D.V. Ford
Feb 22 · 6 min read
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The word ‘Mold’ doesn’t strike people the same way as the word ‘Cancer’ does, and that’s simply because it has not been understood or publicized as much.

When most people hear about Mold their thoughts go to moldy bread that can just be thrown away or used to create penicillin, or they think of mildew in the shower that can easily be cleaned with bathroom cleaner.

However, the Mold I’m referring to is ‘Stachybotrys’ or otherwise known as Black Mold. See Reference

Photo by Sandy Millar on Unsplash

After my wife and I had both been unknowingly in contact with this micro-toxin for a prolonged length of time, we both started having a number of health issues. These multiple health issues would have symptoms that would point the Doctor’s diagnosis in one direction, but our health would not get better, it would only continue to get worse.

Stachybotrys, or Black Mold, gets into the human body and starts to attack the immune system causing the body to react in many different ways. The body will have several symptoms that can cause misdiagnosis by very well-meaning Doctors.

In my case, I went from having a slight heart murmur to within a year needing to have heart surgery, to correct the fast declining issue, and also having a pacemaker attached to my heart, due to the attack on my body from the Stachybotrys. See Reference

I then, not too long afterward, had a growth to appear on my forehead, and it was thought by the Doctor to be cancerous, but after having a biopsy, I was very grateful to hear that it wasn’t. So I went through another surgery this time to have that growth removed.

While going through all of this, I had also been experiencing constant stomach issues that would cause me to dry heave from time to time. After going through an endoscopy procedure to see what was going on, the only thing the Doctor could tell me was that I had bad inflammation in my stomach, but it was not understood as to why I did. So the Doctor placed me on Antacid and Acid Reflux medication regarding this and I was given no further hope of it ever stopping.

Meanwhile, my wife had been experiencing a number of symptoms herself, but different symptoms than mine. She started having numerous bronchial issues, even taking her even to the severity of bad asthma attacks, that she never had before. All the Doctor knew to do was to prescribe her an inhaler as well as a nebulizer, which neither completely helped because of further reactions she would have to the medicines from them. See Reference

She also started to have frequent nose bleeds that she had not experienced before. As well as she started to have allergic reactions to certain foods that she had previously been able to consume with no difficulties at all. See Reference

Then the scariest one we experienced with her was when one Doctor diagnosed her with the possibility of having Lupus. The diagnosis actually, wasn’t a usual diagnosis, because the Doctor told her she appeared to have Lupus, yet the test didn’t show completely that she did. However, she would have symptoms of muscle pains and joint aches that made it difficult for her to move around freely. See Reference

We lived like this for a number of years, always trying to get to the root of what we were going through, but only getting misdiagnosed and placed on medicines that didn’t change anything for either one of us. Needless to say, we were very frustrated and feeling very hopeless.

Then we were referred, by a mutual friend, to a certain Doctor who was not only a medical but also a homeopathic Doctor. So we set the appointment first for my wife, and after the first visit he told her what she was dealing with was caused by exposure to Black Mold. We were both shocked by this information. This Doctor understood the effects of this mainly because he himself had also experienced it. Sadly though, the damage the Black Mold had done to his body finally took its toll and ended his life.

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Yet now having this information, started us both on a rollercoaster ride of ups and downs and twists and turns towards getting better. We found out the exposure had come through our place of employment, where we both worked, and we had to make hard decisions and leave. We also spent numerous hours of self researching how to fight this and start getting better.

Now before sharing any of this further information, I am letting you know that neither my wife nor I am a medical doctor, and this is in no way any advice to anyone, it is simply after the many hours of research done, we found out what worked for us.

Photo by T. Q. on Unsplash

One of the first factors that we found was taking high doses of Vitamin C, but we found that it was not just any Vitamin C, but that which was specifically derived from plants. We found that Acerola Cherries is one food that has a very high concentration of Vitamin C and when we found a product that the Vitamin C was derived mainly from this superfood, we started taking it regularly. See Reference

Another item we found in our research was a very powerful antioxidant called Glutathione. We found that this was extremely good in helping the immune system, which of course both of ours had been greatly diminished from the effects of the Stachybotrys. See Reference

Activated Charcoal is another component we found that was effective in removing toxins from the body. This substance has been used for centuries in the use of removing poisons from the body. It is also very good for the removal of mycotoxins like Black Mold. See Reference

Eucalyptus Oil was one component that we discovered helped my wife on nights she was having difficulty breathing. There were a number of nights at the beginning of this journey where my wife was wheezing so bad, I wasn’t sure if she was going to even be waking up with me the next morning. Thankfully we found that Eucalyptus oil, used in an aromatherapy mister that we placed right next to her side of the bed, was essential in helping her to breathe easier through the night. See Reference

Photo by Wolfgang Hasselmann on Unsplash

One final crucial piece of information we found was salt, and mainly a salt room. A salt room is a room at certain health centers where you go and sit inside a room for a period of time, usually 30 to 45 mins, where you sit, relax, and just breathe in a high concentration of salt air. This was one factor that we noticed help a lot. We have also utilized salt lamps keeping them running in our home to help. In fact, the salt remedy helped us so much we moved close to the beach to breathe a constant flow of healthy salt air. See Reference

We have made use of all of these that we have found and have been getting back up after being knocked down by the Stachybotrys, and I’m very grateful that we are now finally on the other end of this spectrum than the beginning.

So in conclusion, for anyone who might have experienced any similarities to my story, I just want to encourage you not to give up. Keep fighting like we did to get back up, because life is short and there truly is life after mold.

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D.V. Ford

Written by

D.V. Ford

Author, Composer, and YouTuber (aka Mr Zen Daddy)

Age of Awareness

Stories providing creative, innovative, and sustainable changes to the ways we learn

D.V. Ford

Written by

D.V. Ford

Author, Composer, and YouTuber (aka Mr Zen Daddy)

Age of Awareness

Stories providing creative, innovative, and sustainable changes to the ways we learn

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