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Age of Awareness

Make Repeated Tasks Enjoyable

Photo by Lena Kudryavtseva on Unsplash, modified by author
  1. A good diet is nutritionally complete.
  2. A good diet includes a wide variety of foods from which to choose.
  3. A good diet is tasty, so you enjoy your meals.
  4. A good diet’s meals are filling and do not leave you feeling hungry.
  5. A good diet does not focus solely on calories.
  6. A good diet does not require the purchase of proprietary products.
  • thinking up recipes that use the foods (vegetables, grains, beans, fruit, nuts, herbs, spices) I like and that fill out the checkboxes in Dr. Greger’s Daily Dozen (see below) — and checking every box each day is a pleasurable game.
  • shopping for groceries (selecting produce — giving it my attention, holding it for a moment to weigh it in my hand and inspect it, changing my menu ideas based on what looks especially good, etc.)
  • prepping the food for cooking (peeling, slicing, dicing, mincing, etc., being mindful of — paying attention to — what I’m doing and why so that my focus and attention result in flow)
  • cooking the food (again with focused attention on what’s happening in the pan and on what I’m doing and why)
  • eating the food (focused attention on taste and texture and on what I might do differently next time)
  • cleaning up afterward (easily done since I clean as I cook, so at the end, I might have just a bowl and spoon to wash — and I find pleasure in leaving the kitchen just as I found it: clean and shipshape)



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