Make your garden a help to conserve the ecosystem

Nature is our ultimate support system. Humans would be nothing if it weren’t for nature to support our lives together. With so much industrialization around the world, nature has somewhere lost its significance in our lives today. All the blind material progress will come down dwindling if we don’t make the green stay and keep our ecosystem balanced for the future generations. Going green is not just a social issue today. It has become what can be called the struggle for ours and the coming generation’s sustenance.

As they say, “Charity begins at home”. So why not start your efforts for saving our ecosystem from your home itself. There are a number of innovative and easy ways to create an eco-friendly garden making it a boon for the environment. This article talks about the ideas to make your garden a help to conserve the ecosystem.

Embrace Reuse, Reduce, Recycle

The principle of 3 cents has presented many hopes in the field of improvement of the ecological balance. You can also utilize these 3 cents to create your eco-friendly garden. Reusing water is the fore most step. Left out water from the washing of clothes or dishes and that from the air conditioners can be used to water the plants. Reducing the use of pesticides is highly beneficial. The use of pesticides means the possibility of the next pest invasion. Using organic pesticides in their stead is recommended. Recycle is the best way to nurture your garden. A compost bin can be set up in the garden area. All the kitchen waste can get collected in the bin and it recycles into the perfect manure for healthy plants.

Indigenous Garden

Producing plants which are native to your location is substantial. By growing local plants, you can help the local birds and insects and keep the food chain going smooth. Local plants will also be easier to obtain and cultivate since they are accustomed to the environment. They would not need much caring and thus, save your time as well.

Birds and friendly insects

Insects are generally regarded as the destroyers of the garden. But there are some insects that can prove to be highly advantageous for your backyard. Birds along with insects can help in removing harmful creatures like slugs and snails. They also facilitate the process of spreading the seeds for new plantation and reproduction. Apart from being great pollinators, certain insects like bees can also provide you with natural honey. Structuring the garden according to the birds and insects can be a fine way.

Nesting box

Birds make their nests in the holes of trees. Cutting down of trees in huge numbers has completely shook the habitat system of various birds. You can play a role in helping such birds by creating a nesting box in your backyard. It wouldn’t take much time and is really easy to maintain. The only important thing is picking a good position for the nesting box.

· Where the box is in shade with the required sunlight available.

· Where the box is in your sight.

· Where it can stay protected from heavy rains or winds.

Water body

Creating a water body in your garden will not only give it a beautiful look but also help in quenching the thirst of various birds and little animals. A simple birdbath or a pond, both the options can be considered. Fishes can also be reared as an alternative. The availability of a water body will keep the place cool and the plants moist.

Earth-friendly gardening methods

It is a known fact that fertilizers and pesticides create so much toxicity in the ground that it becomes impossible to cultivate the next set of plants. It is advisable to make use of earth-friendly methods for that matter. Using hand tools instead of electric equipment can also help in better growth of plants. Manure can be made from composting. Other ingredients like used tea or milk and baking soda are safer and healthy for the environment instead of the synthetic manures.

We have endured so much development and progress that saving the earth has become our society’s main agenda today. Tree plantations and environment-friendly gardening can be a good measure to remedy the destruction. If you desire to be an agent to change and spread the green, then you can start from your backyard with the above-mentioned tips.