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Many People You Look up to Are Just Winging It

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I get so many questions from people. I believe asking questions is essential because it can accelerate your growth, but sometimes, you need to stop trying to figure things out and just get started.

The reason I’m saying this is because there are lots of things to learn, so if you feel like you need to learn everything required before you start freelancing or start your blog, then you may never start.

The internet gives you whatever you want, and if it’s information you seek, you will always find something new to learn, and somehow, you’ll get lost in the learning phase.

I like the fact that people reach out to me because it helps to strengthen what I know, but these people don’t know that I’ve been winging it right from the day I started.

Yes, we have courses, videos, and everything that is there to guide us through the process, but when these courses are thoroughly helpful is when you’ve already started taking steps into doing something — not before.

One thing about consuming courses without any prior knowledge is that you won’t know where to start from. The information will be so many that you will just be going with the wave.

But if you already have an interest that you’re pursuing and you use a course to gain more insights on what you already know, then you’ll build focus for yourself and accelerate your growth.

I can be very impatient when it comes to learning. I like to learn as I move because it’s faster, and I feel like this has contributed to my growth.

We’re beings of habits. When we do something continuously, it sticks, and so is learning. If you believe that you need to keep consuming all the courses you find on Copywriting or Web design to become good, then you will keep consuming because that’s what you’re teaching your mind to do.

And somehow, your satisfaction will now come when you learn rather than do

It’s why you have professors in business school who seem to know the theoretical aspects of running a business but cannot run any business in real life.

The more you learn, the more you doubt what you’ve learned

You see sports analysts who, when they talk to you about sports, it will look like they’ll make the perfect sports coaches if given the opportunity. But if they never take the leap.

If you keep consuming courses, without taking any action, the best you can do with that information is to teach — you’ll probably create a course or start to talk about it without actually doing any real work on the topic.

But today, everyone is doing it. We have gurus everywhere, and you can’t blame them. After all, these are people who have spent a chunk of their time consuming and learning things about their particular field but never actually did much practical work because they never believed they knew enough. And when they needed money badly, they started to teach.

Photo by Wesley Tingey on Unsplash

The people who take action have a different mindset. They just do, and through a system of trial and error, they find out what works, and the spectators see them as experts, not knowing that they may not even know as much as you do in terms of theoretical knowledge, but because they learned by doing the work, they became more recognized.

Not everyone can do this because the world is filled with thinkers who teach and criticize, and not the doers who take action.

If you want to do anything related to content in today’s world, you shouldn’t worry about consuming every course that is advertised.

Just start creating because that’s the best way to learn.

If it’s graphic design, open photoshop and start playing around with it; if you want to learn copywriting, open a Google Doc and try to write a persuasive copy about a product in mind.

You activate who you become at that initial process — the doer or the thinker.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t take courses, you should, but take them only after you’ve started practicing.

Then as you take the course, implement what you’ve learned, and share it. It would help if you cultivated the mindset of learning on the job, rather than before.

The good thing about the internet is that you’re permitted to learn in public. You’ll notice that the people you look up to are always getting better as the years go by.

But the difference between the person who’s trying to get all the courses and the one who seems like he knows everything is that one is trying to attain perfection before sharing their work, but the other person is just publishing their work, no matter how imperfect it is.

So, in conclusion, get comfortable with sharing your imperfect content because that’s how you improve and get close to perfection.

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