No, William, the Royal Family Isn’t Just “Very Racist,” They’re Institutionally Racist

The Accusations From Harry and Meghan Expose the Deep Racism Within the British Establishment

Michael East
Mar 13 · 8 min read
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s interview with Oprah | CBS

Few can have escaped the ongoing fallout of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s interview with Oprah, with the accusations of racism, harassment, and abuse made against the Royal Family being headline news worldwide. The responses have sharply divided along political lines, with the left and centre solidly supporting the couple. In contrast, the right has launched into a full-fledged “defence” of the royals, taking the form of yet more of the abusive character assassination that was a focal point of the interview. Yet, this abuse is not equal, with the Duchess of Sussex continuing to be the focal point of a hate campaign led by the far-right and fully supported by the British press and establishment. You don’t need to be a royalist to be disgusted.

For while we might talk all day about Piers Morgan having a crush on Meghan Markle, the lack of morality in the capitalist press or anti-Americanism amongst the British establishment, when you cut to the chase, the reason behind these attacks, since day one, is race.

In marrying a black woman, Harry became a “race traitor” to the far-right, while Meghan’s “crime” was nothing more than existing while being black. The two suffered death threats from the neo-Nazi Sonnenkrieg Division, an offshoot of National Action. Yet, the uncomfortable truth for many is that these fascist views are not alien to the British establishment or large sections of the public. After all, our own Prime Minister Boris Johnson once referred to black Africans as “flag-waving piccaninnies,” with “watermelon smiles.”


The Royal Family having significant problems with race has been an “open secret” in Britain for decades, yet something that could be brushed under the rug by the establishment due to old age or eccentricity. Prince Philip’s many racist jibes have always been presented as an amusing character flaw, a disregard for “political correctness” that we should laugh alongside rather than criticise. Those who call out Philip for his comments get quickly shut-down by those demanding that people respect “everything he’s done for the country,” yet few can name any of what this might be.

But it’s far from being the problem of Prince Philip alone. Who can forget when paedophile-in-chief Andrew made a series of racist remarks against Arabs at an official function involving the Saudi Royal Family or his use of the N-word. Nor can we forget Princess Michael of Kent, who made her feelings on Meghan Markle expressly plain when she wore a brooch that featured a slave kept as a pet, proudly displaying the revolting piece of jewellery at the royal’s first meeting with Markle. She also told black New Yorkers to “go back to the colonies” and named two black sheep on her farm “Venus” and “Serena” after the Williams sisters. Therefore, those who continue to debate which member of the Royal Family asked Harry how black his son would be are missing the point. It doesn’t really matter, for the entire “Firm” is institutionally racist.

“I even pretended years ago to be an African, a half-caste African, but because of my light eyes I did not get away with it, but I dyed my hair black”

Princess Michael of Kent, 2004

While many hoped that this self-evident fact might bring a period of introspection to the Royal Family and they might face their problems head-on would be sorely disappointed, however, with Prince William absurdly stating yesterday that the royals are “very much not racist.”

These ideas of British exceptionalism and white supremacy still flourish amongst the wider aristocracy, with Boris Johnson exemplifying this when he said in 2002 that the legacy of colonialism is “not a blot upon our conscience” and that “the problem is not that we were once in charge, but that we are not in charge any more.” Indeed, it’s a mistake to believe for a second that the behaviour of the likes of Philip, Andrew and others haven’t been going on for generations, with the royals being heavily involved in the slave trade.

Elizabeth I sponsored the pirate John Hawkins in his endeavours as a slaver, renting him a 700 tone slave ship and allowing him to run a trade between Africa, the Americas, and England. The Royal Family had a monopoly on slavery for 150 years, and the heralded “glory” of Elizabethian England was funded by the slavery. By the time of James I, the king passed a monopoly license to a private company, bringing tensions with parliament, particularly after they abolished it in 1618. However, his son, Charles I, brought it back, and the license became a contributing factor in the outbreak of the English Civil War, a fact that is little taught in schools. Following the restoration of the monarchy, the Royal Family’s involvement in slavery only grew, being the owner of the Royal Gambia Company, the Royal Adventurers Company and the Royal African Company, the exploitation of slaves, gold, ivory and natural resources funding the growth of empire.

Hail Hitler: Edward VIII gives a salute in Germany | Morgan Evans Antiques

More recently, the links between the Royal Family and the far-right were another “open secret” across the country, with Edward VIII being an outright Nazi sympathiser. While apologists might suggest that Wallis Simpson influenced the king in his political ideologies, this is willing ignorance of the royal’s long history. With the Bolshevik revolution in Russia putting fear into royal houses across Europe and the family history of white supremacy and military belligerence, it takes an extreme level of delusion to believe the Royal Family weren’t swayed by the allure of fascism.

The archives at Windsor Castle contains shelves of documentation from the 1930s that are believed to contain private correspondence between the royals and senior figures in the Nazi regime, including Hitler himself. Nobody is allowed to access them. Many other documents were destroyed in 1945 during a “clean-up” operation designed to hide the truth of how close the family and the Nazi regime actually were.

In 2015, The Sun of all people published unseen footage of the Queen, the Queen mother, Prince Edward (later Edward VIII) and Princess Margaret, all making enthusiastic Nazi salutes at Balmoral Castle. The usual suspects were suitably outraged, insisting that the Queen and Margaret were children and didn’t know what they were doing. While that defence is sound, as managing editor Stig Abell pointed out, the issue was “the extent to which the British aristocracy — notably Edward VIII, in this case — in the 1930s, were sympathetic towards fascism.”

Indeed, while the defence of the monarch covered the press for days, few wished to talk about the sainted Queen Mother, long portrayed as the grandmother of the entire nation. Yet, once again, nobody should have been surprised, with the late-Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon being another prolific racist and ardent supporter of appeasement. She made her views quite explicit the time she told her diarist “Beware the blackamoors,” and the time she told a lady-in-waiting that “Africans just don’t know how to govern themselves,” the paternal racism of colonialism showing through when she added, “what a pity we’re not still looking after them.” But it wasn’t only black people with who the repulsive Bowes-Lyon had a problem, walking into a reception with a Japanese prince with the phrase “Nip on! Nip on!” And stating she had “reservations about Jews.”

Prince William insisting his family is not racist is little short of insulting. This arrogant denialism will undoubtedly find favour with the far-right press, who will hide their true motivation of racism behind a veil of patriotism. Yet, the public at large will no longer accept this bare-faced lie and the lack of accountability. Across the world, new calls for social justice are frightening the establishment to their core. For make no mistake, the likes of Andrew Neil and Lawrence Fox railing against “wokeness” has nothing to do with a few thousand people using hashtags on Twitter. This backlash from their kind comes from fear, with the establishment both petrified and angry that they are losing control of society, particularly amongst young people. No longer will people accept how things “must” be. They will not accept crumbs from the table, nor that anyone is “born better” than anyone else. They will not accept that the legacy of the British empire must be displayed as statues, depicting a dominating triumph over all who see it. Nor will they accept a Royal Family who is not only unrepresentative of their subjects but swamped in criminality of the worst kind.

Countries around the world that were once under the yoke of British imperialism long began the process of throwing off the shackles of the monarchy. Whether through revolution or politics, they moved away from the domination of entitled elites and began the slow process of rebuilding their countries and livelihoods. As the days of outright colonialism begin to fade, these countries are finding new boldness, beginning decolonisation programs as they seek to eradicate the last vestiges of British and royal influences. So too, it is now time for Britain to begin its own process of stepping away from royalty and the eternal establishment class that represents not the future but the past. These forces remain committed not to a multicultural future, nor international cooperation and peace, but to white supremacy, British exceptionalism and the advancement of new forms of colonialism and cultural domination. The British monarchy has no place in this new world, and history may well record that the beginning of the end started not with a sword or a bullet but with Oprah and the power of a media that could not be influenced by the establishment.

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Michael East

Written by

Freelance writer. Writing on true crime, mysteries, politics, history, and more. |

Age of Awareness

Stories providing creative, innovative, and sustainable changes to the ways we learn

Michael East

Written by

Freelance writer. Writing on true crime, mysteries, politics, history, and more. |

Age of Awareness

Stories providing creative, innovative, and sustainable changes to the ways we learn

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