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One Reason Why You Find It Difficult to Come up With New Content Ideas

You’re hoarding

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Content creation favors volume. You have to keep putting out content if you want to remain in the minds of your audience. There are no two ways about it. In the content game, you fight for your readers' attention with the bulk and quality of your content. So you have to be A+, every time.

One common problem among content writers is coming up with ideas. Even if there are thousands of thoughts, experiences, ideas from blogs, and Youtube; you still find people struggling to put their heads down to write because they tell themselves they lack ideas.

I believe that whatever it is you search for, you shall find. So if you keep searching for excuses to not start executing, you will always find one excuse or the other to give.

But if it’s ideas you seek, you would find them easily. It baffles me how I come up with ideas every day for Medium. I get ideas from the simplest things and I piece different things together and in no time, it becomes a full article.

I used to have one mindset in the past which limited how much content I was able to produce. I would have a content idea and instead of developing it, I’d keep it in my head because I feel like it’s too good of an idea to develop it now. So, I’ll keep playing with it in my head, waiting for the right time and saving it.

Then I’d write it, but I won’t want to publish it because I’d feel like it wasn’t the right time. What I learned was all the while I was keeping that article from being published, I wasn’t able to produce something new. All my brain’s bandwidth was spent thinking of that one article that I hadn’t put out.

As you can guess, I wasn’t able to put out content frequently. I’d have two or four articles published in a month. If anybody asked me why I couldn’t publish more, the first thing I would say is, I didn’t have content ideas.

Why would I have ideas when I’ve not learned how to give out what I’ve created.

The more I wrote and got confidence in publishing my content, the easier ideas came.

Creativity is Inexhaustible

The wrong mindset kills your creativity. If you keep ideas or articles without letting other people see, you wouldn’t get as many things to write.

The greatest force on earth is karma. What you give, you get. The more content you create, the more ideas you get. Once you can cement this idea in your head, you have nothing to worry about.

You may see people who create consistent content and wonder how they do it, but it’s as basic as pushing out their content every time.

There’s something about allowing people to see your work. Once you post your content once and you get acknowledged by a reader, you wouldn’t want to stop. You’ll keep wanting to put out something new to increase the number of people that can consume your content. Ideas would no longer be a problem because your creativity would hit another gear.

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Get ideas from little things and amplify

Big things start from small beginnings

— Promethus

It’s not every time you get a big idea and can form the entire outline of the article in your head. Sometimes, all you get is a sentence. Then as you write, it starts to expand.

I don’t know about anyone else, but that’s how 80% of my articles come. I just get a little idea or sentence then I jot it down. It can be from the most basic things. Maybe I’ll be watching a movie and then a line in the movie would grab my attention.

As a creative, the world is a market to pick ideas from. You just have to listen. Inspiration comes from anywhere. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate.

You just have to open up your mind and don’t be scared of adding flesh to your ideas and sharing it once it’s done. The moment you can freely give out your ideas, you wouldn’t have to worry anymore about coming up with ideas because your subconscious would keep bringing them to you.

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