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Over deliver your clients

WHY do it and WHEN to do it


Going an extra mile is not extra, it is essential for your personal growth and growth is what distinguishes you when you stand tall in a dense crowd of freelancers — Israr

So, what happens when you surprise a client by delivering more than what was originally been agreed.

You instantly make the person on the other side of the screen the happiest person on the globe. They literally blush, start typing, make typos but send you a thank you message straight away and you can tell it in the beat of a second that they wrote it from the heart.

Its feels so mesmerizing and thrilling when this happens. Don’t believe me? see for yourself. This is the latest comment I have received on over-delivering.

Cool! right?

Well, I did it to get that recognition I thought I very much deserved for the weeks of tiring work. I worked hard for it and went some extra hours, even when all I had were thoughts of just completing the basic functionality for which I was actually getting paid.

But It paid me even more, when I got the work for the phase 2 of the project. which I hadn’t even thought of in the first place.

This is why you should do it and establish a long-term happy relationship with your clients. They will comeback to you in future, if you kept surprising them by getting more and more involved in their work like its yours.


Though it depends on your niche of work, but there is one thing which can be applied in any line of work, when it comes to putting in extra effort to make an impression for yourself.

No time perfect for anything and yet any time is perfect for everything — Israr


If you want to make most out of it, keep in mind the time you choose to deliver that extra cookie. It shouldn’t be too early at the start of your project, you might oversell and than put pressure on yourself to keep up the promise.

Over-Deliver your client when they are least expecting it. When things are going as planned and routine is in place, nothing fancy is being done. This is the perfect time to come up with your cherry on the top entrance and deliver the extra work you’ve been working on the side.

Weekend are considered off days right?
Correct, and I know It should be kept that way but what If you can tell your client you worked on the weekend gave special undivided attention to his/her project? This way not only your client will be impressed by how determined you are towards the work you do, but also will feel special about himself as you took care of the work on off days too.

So don’t just deliver like everybody else, do take that extra round and over-deliver!



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