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Age of Awareness

Personalised Education Experiences

They’re the future

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Universal Design for Learning

How does UDL work?

Universal Design for Learning Framework
UDL Guidelines

UDL and Mayer’s Multimedia Design principles

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It could be argued that when the UDL guidelines are applied they can help to reduce barriers and maximise learning opportunities for all learners.

UDL & Accessibility

UDL & Modelling

UDL & Active Learning

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The above graphic is released under a Creative Commons Attribution license. You’re free to share, reproduce, or otherwise use it, as long as you attribute it to the Vanderbilt University Center for Teaching.

Individualised Instruction

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Keller’s Personalised System of Instruction

Using Audio

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Final Thoughts

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Arguably individualised instruction serves to democratise education in a way that traditional didactic classroom teaching cannot, and yet there are criticisms of individualised instruction serving best those learners that are already skilled in managing their own learning.




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