Plastic Pollution Affects Not Only The Environment, But Human Health Too

A brief explanation of how

Athina Kontolati
Age of Awareness


Photo by Brian Yurasits on Unsplash

Have you ever wondered how plastic became part of our daily lives and even more so to the degree that we use it nowadays? To which extent is it harmful to both the environment and human health?

Today, one of the most common uses of plastic is for packaging, which results in plastic waste now being also one of the most common sources of environmental pollution [1].

Materials made of plastic started being used for the creation of food packaging and containers instead of previously traditional materials such as ceramic and wicker from the 1950s onwards [1].

As a material, plastic is flexible, cheap in comparison with other alternatives, for instance, glass and metal, and easy to process. So, these three reasons made its use more common after World War II [1].

However, these are not the only factors that have contributed to the increasing use of plastic in packaging; the three major causes responsible for the latter are the rapid population growth, urbanization, and “easy access to consumer society” that occurred between the 1950s and today [1].

As plastics are getting transferred through terrestrial, freshwater, and marine food webs, impose a great danger…