Practical Hacks To Stop Social Media From Choking Your Productivity

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John Fáwọlé
Jan 21 · 4 min read
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It is quite glaring that our world is woven around social media. Even the youngest among us know what it means to "post" or "trend." At present, more than half of the world’s population has an active social media presence.

We all sit in our work corner only to check WhatsApp statuses for an hour and chat with our friends. The moment we want to go off WhatsApp, Twitter notifications start to pop-up. The same thing applies to Instagram. And at the end of the day, we have little time left for our craft.

Moreover, it can be overwhelming when you get to discover that social media is choking your mental health and productivity. The funny thing is that you can get addicted. Social media addiction is even harder to break than masturbation addiction.

But is it bad to be on social media? No, no. However, our excessive use of is not the best thing to do. Well, enough of talking about the problem. Can we focus on the practical Hacks to stop social media from gunning down your time?

Alright, here we go.

Smart Tips To Stop Social Media From Gulping Your Time

1. Social media retreat

If social media has been sucking your ice cream of productivity, the fantastic way to curb that outrightly is to go on a retreat. It sucks when you can’t do without Twitter or Instagram for ten minutes - it’s scarier when you can’t help it.

But going on a complete retreat will kill every appetite for an excessive social media presence in you. It will make you live a life without a phone. The retreat will make you enjoy life in its amazing colors. You will have an abundance of time to Design, Code, Write, or whatever you do.

Perhaps you have been following me on Twitter for some months now, you’ll notice I went off for almost two months. That was because I needed the break - or call it a retreat. I discovered that I was getting too attached to the media so I had to break the jinx.

And can you guess what? It worked for me a lot. Now I’m back from retreat. And I can now minimize the time I spend online. That’s why I write more these days. I’m now more productive with my time.

2. Plan Your Frequency Online

You can’t go on a retreat forever, so you need to put a structure around your social media presence. That is the reality. And how do you shape the structure? You can do that by planning your frequency. What I mean is how often you’ll be coming online.

If you don’t settle this, you’ll still find social media playing PES with your time. What are the ideal periods that you can come on social media to promote your business, read the latest trend, and interact with your mutuals?

It might be after you have eaten your breakfast, or when anytime you finish eating. You might love to use your office breaks for that. In the same way, it’s safer when you spend more time online when you’re back from work.

As a person, I don’t open my social media when I wake up. I do other things that I find more necessary. Then I come online intermittently during the day to throw rant and chill out on Twitter.

That is the frequency that I maintain. You might want to consider that too.

3. Don’t Be All Over Social Media Platforms

This is something I have noticed in some people, and it’s quite laughable.

They try to be active on all social media platforms. You’ll see them on Tiktok now and also notice their presence on Instagram. After a while, you see them dragging people on Twitter. And the next moment, they are on LinkedIn giving motivational Monday quotes.

I have tried doing this before, and I can tell you that it rapes productivity. At the end of the day, your entire life will be centered on social media if you’re not careful. And you won’t be able to meet your daily goals.

Choose the best social media that fits you. Identify the location of your audience. As a person, I only use Twitter and LinkedIn. You won’t see me on Instagram or Tiktok.

Think about it, could it have been that the reason social media gulps your time is that you’re all over the platforms?


WhatsApp, Twitter, Tiktok, Facebook, and LinkedIn are now entities that live with us in our everyday lives. We talk to ourselves through social media platforms. We also promote our businesses on it.

However, these awesome digital products that aid our communication and boost our finance can also kidnap our productivity and make us look helpless if we are not careful. In summary, moderation is key. There are no hard and fast rules.

By the way, I am not an island of knowledge. Comment under this post and let everyone learn your hack of enhancing productivity and reducing excessive social media presence. We’ll want to learn.

If you enjoyed this piece, please clap for it. And follow me for more content. Thank you for reading.

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John Fáwọlé

Written by

I hope to change the world with my simple but profound thoughts. In case you need my writing service, or you want to talk to me>>>

Age of Awareness

Stories providing creative, innovative, and sustainable changes to the ways we learn

John Fáwọlé

Written by

I hope to change the world with my simple but profound thoughts. In case you need my writing service, or you want to talk to me>>>

Age of Awareness

Stories providing creative, innovative, and sustainable changes to the ways we learn

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