Our Recycling Revolution

Ifeanyi Isigwe, PhD
Sep 8, 2017 · 3 min read

The United States generates about 230 million tons of trash every year where 4.4 pounds are produced per day by each person making the country the largest waste producer in the world. With such a large amount of waste produced, the country has a recycling rate of 35% which ranks poorly in comparison with other leading nations. This metric means that only one out of three people recycle, which needs to be improved. http://www.planetaid.org/blog/global-recycling-rates

The United States recycles at a rate of 35%

Why Recycle?

Recycling is the process of converting waste materials into useful products. The world’s population increases annually by 1.11% which means that more trash is produced and sent to landfills each year, leading to an increase in landfill sizes. Recycling helps to minimize the wastes sent to these landfills which ultimately reduces their sizes.

Recycling helps reduce trash sent to landfills

Recycling also reduces the amount of greenhouse gas emissions which depletes the ozone layer. An interesting fact about recycling is 95% more energy is saved by recycling an aluminum can, compared with manufacturing a new one. Large energy amounts are required to manufacture products from raw materials and through recycling, waste materials can be reused to make new products which reduces the amount of energy wasted.

Finally, recycling offers cash benefits! By separating beverage containers and taking them to recycling centers, the equivalent deposit value imposed in the purchase of the containers are given. This is a great initiative developed by some states in the country based on local bottle deposit legislation.

Recycling waste materials provides financial value

Check out the California Redemption Value initiative: http://www.lao.ca.gov/reports/2015/res/recycling/beverage-container-042915.aspx

So why do people not recycle?

People tend not to recycle because they do not have easy access to recycling centers and are typically busy with their everyday schedule that impedes them from recycling. They normally have their bins sorted through curbside programs which do not provide the refundable deposit of their beverage containers.


With the problem of recycling highlighted, this blog introduces you to BottleRocket Recycle. We are an on-demand recycling service company that rewards consumers for recycling. Consumers fill up their bins provided by the organization with beverage containers and request a pick up of the bin when full. The bins are collected and the refundable deposit is provided via various fund options.

BottleRocket Recycle delivers the beverage containers to recycling centers

This service helps educate consumers about the benefits of recycling whilst providing financial rewards in order to encourage the sustainable recycling habit which alleviates recycling center proximity issues. With BottleRocket Recycle leading such an initiative, the service is changing the way recycling works thereby creating a greener future. Check us out! https://www.bottlerocketrecycle.com/

Age of Awareness

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Ifeanyi Isigwe, PhD

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Age of Awareness

Stories providing creative, innovative, and sustainable changes to the education system

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