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Remote Education Will Ruin a Lot of Things If It Persists

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Some days back, Harvard announced that its student would have to stay off-campus grounds and learn remotely for the fall semester, and many other schools might follow suit.

The pandemic is the reason for the decision, but what if they decide to remain remote permanently just as companies are doing? Now that’s my concern because school is essential. I’m not talking about the classes, but the school in itself — the people and the activities are a crucial addition to the experience.

I don’t like the class aspect of school — I’m one of those students that sit at the back, paying little to no attention to what the lecturer talks about. But in all, going to classes is fun because of the experience. So what will happen if education goes remote?

The USA recently announced that international students whose schools offer online-only courses would have to leave the United States. I’m not one to complain, but isn’t that enough for people who have invested so much into going to these Universities get depressed.

Asides that, what of students from 3rd world countries who don’t have access to amenities and cannot cope with taking classes online every day because of the limited resources in their country. Right now, all I can think of is how the COVID-19 is and has ruined a lot of things that we saw as usual before.

We shouldn’t kid ourselves here; there is going to be a substantial decline in University education in the coming years because people go to college for reasons other than the degrees.

People go there to transition into adulthood and find themselves. They see a new reality, they adapt, make mistakes, learn about themselves and the world in general. Universities are a transformational phase for most. You would hardly see anyone who went to college and come back the same person. Somehow, you will change and become a newer person.

I keep asking myself if people will still pay exorbitant amounts for college degrees? Because if you look at it objectively, one of the significant benefits you get from Universities is the connections and experience — not necessarily the degree. You won’t get that from sitting in front of a computer. What would happen to getting lunch with your friends, sports, etc.? There wouldn’t be any motivation to attend online classes — for the entire 4 to 6 years degree.

Universities that go completely remote are just shooting themselves in the foot because the community is the edge they have. Some Universities are still doing the hybrid method, which involves online and in-person learning. This is the only saving grace because anything asides, the hybrid method would ruin College Education completely.

It’s already dying because more people see less value in it because of the outdated knowledge, and with the internet, you can learn how to code or create content and make way more than a college graduate and their professors at that. So turning college education online is just giving it the final blow.

But things have to change. It’s life, so we always have to experience change — it’s normal. In 10–15 years, people may see taking lectures in classes as outdated.

However you see it, traditional education is dying rapidly and whoever didn’t see it before will see it — if not now, in a couple of years.

We don’t know when this pandemic will end, so if you’re waiting for it to end so you can restart your life, you’re getting it wrong. The internet is a tool that can give you a lot more than you imagined if you used it right.

Start something. Some days back, I wrote an article titled “we’re headed towards a future ruled by self-expression” I wrote about how the two primary occupations would be between coding and content. So whichever of them you feel the most comfortable doing, you have to start now and start developing yourself.

Many jobs that college degrees give are rapidly getting automated. You have to create something for yourself — that’s the new order of things. Creativity is the new smoking. It’s now cool to be creative. It’s expected to be creative.

The future would reward the creatives because to survive in the coming years; you have to be your own person and think for yourself.

Remote Education would ruin a lot of things, especially the college students’ culture, but most importantly, Universities turning into online-only education will only implode because it won’t be the same, and many people would lose interest.

When people stop going to college, there will be more competition in the labor market, so to stay above the competition, you have to start creating something for yourself now.

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