Keep Reimagining The Possibilities

Rising Thoughts

I’m been away from this space for a bit. I felt like I had run out of words. That is a tough space for a speaker, writer, and facilitator of learning, but it has been my reality. I watch others plow through this space, and the result is often a diminishing returns on tired ideas and lots of words for the sake of hearing oneself talk. Maybe for them, it is like shoot your way through a slump in basketball or return to the fundamentals in baseball, but for me, a pause in writing makes sense. Instead of talking through words, I find myself reading more and different, noticing fresh dots to connect, and looking for happiness in small moments. Never does the pause in writing result in a fading passion for the work to change systems to impact the lives of all, and never does a pause in writing result in my natural curiosity about life and its emerging solutions fall to the side. As I begin again, writing blog, book, and article, here are some of the pathways that I hope to explore.

  1. Why are we wasting so much money on learning space design? This one would seem to be eating at my consulting work, but I hope that it instead finds me more deeply missional about the right work.
  2. How and why has teaching become too complex? I’m worried that the current ask for professionals in education is too complex for individuals to find success.
  3. Where can we find creativity in collaboration of services? Cross district collaboration is barely at a 1.0 of what is possible.
  4. What is the future of the education conference? I’m seeing a dying, old playbook that is pricing people out of the conversation.
  5. How can we better tell our story as learning organizations? There is so much to learn from modern marketing, and schools have to get past communicating.
  6. Have we identified the medium-sized rocks and the solutions that could be built around them? The big ones rarely get more than admired and the small ones lack impact.
  7. How can we cluster ideas in rural spaces to help with stabilizing more communities? There seems to be an erosion of ideas as it relates to implementations in too many places.
  8. When have we done enough? How can we start preparing for our next thing before we leave our final mark? The shifts in the world demand a more nimble learner. I wonder how many of us can handle this reality mentally, emotionally, and intellectually.