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Role of 5 Amal Totkay (Hacks) in changing my Fixed Mindset to Growth Mindset.

Life can be changed in a moment or can never be changed through the complete life. I have always struggled for my life, which I am going to do with my life. I was sailing the boat my life without a navigator. Then luckily I got into Amal Academy. Here the top 5 totkay that helped me navigate the direction where I should go and what should I do with my life.

  1. Self Talk
  2. Get out of your comfort zone
  3. Create new habit
  4. Ask people help
  5. Fake it till you make it

Self Talk:

In our life, it happens whenever we don’t have anyone to share our problems, issues, or ideas then the best thing we can is Self-Talk. I always talk with myself and sort out my ideas. Self-Talk helps me figure out the solution to any problem I am facing. Self-talking helps us to know more and more about ourselves. The more you know about yourself, the more you likely to know the root cause of your problems. Self-talking boosts your mind neurons to think about a certain situation and get ready for it.

Get out of the comfort zone

Have you ever felt that you cannot do the task, cannot do the project work. Well this is all because of your comfort zone. In your comfort zone, your mind doesn’t like to do work that requires more energy and thinking. I had the same problem, I could not do the work which required critical thinking. Then I start doing the critical thinking work slowly. Then it becomes my habit. Now I always find time to complete my work. This is the reason why you should push yourself from your comfort zone.

Create Habits

Creating new habits start producing more neurons in our mind. This helps us to push ourselves from the comfort zone. So if you really want to shift your fixed mindset to a growth mindset then you must create new habits.

Ask People Help

The above 3 steps become really harder when you start working, when this happens to you then you can ask other people’s help. People will help you to create new habits and getting you out of the comfort zone.

Fake it until you make it

Final and most important step shifting your fixed mindset to a growth mindset. Whatever your goals are, start faking it that you already have completed the goal for example if your goal is to become CSS Officer then you should start faking it that you are already an officer. Now when you start faking it then your mind will automatically try to pursue it and push you to do all the work which is required.



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