Save the Earth

photo by Daan Spijer

He walked full height across the land.
He eyed the beauty close at hand.
He could not know or understand
That soon the soil would lie as sand.

This man was proud, this man was strong.
He tilled the land; and loved it long
before his neighbours did it wrong.
He loved the land and sang its song.

The land was beautiful and good.
Big trees there grew that yielded wood
for house and fire. But where they stood
no man will come. I wish he could.

In greed they came. With awful might
they worked the land through day and night;
through good and bad without respite,
until the land gave up the fight.

He drags his feet where once the day
shone bright; the sun with every ray
caught something living. Now dismay — 
the wind will blow the rest away.

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