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Silent Spring By Rachel Carson: The beginning of extinction that has been stopped

Sient Spring: A book that change the world

Since I was child, I always love to watch and paid lot of attention about fiction, especially about how humans survive from extinction. The Walking Dead, Resident Evil, Terminator, Interstellar, 2012, Evangelion, and the fictional book Rain by Tere Liye are some of the stories that always fascinate me even though I have watched and read it repeatedly. The reason is that this story presents how the characters and decisions of mankind in survival.

In addition, the story always enters my head and make me imagine what is gonna be if this happened in the real world. Even now sometimes I think and decide some strategy to survive on several circumstances.

But I felt for some situations there never seemed to be a way out, and in the end the I felt maybe that’s why it was made into a film and maybe that’s why it’s just a story and will never be real.

A Real Disaster and Biomagnification

Moving on to this day, I still often reads and is enthusiastic about hearing some of these stories that happened and might happen. One of the disasters that occurred and might affect human fate at that time was appointed by Rachel Carson in her book, The Silent Spring.

This book tells how America’s spring, which should have been filled with the sound of chirping insects or chirping birds, has turned silent. This condition occurred because insects such as cicadas or birds did not exist and it was caused by the massive amount of pesticides at that time.

At first glance this seems mundane and we can surmise that it might recover with time. But the reality is that the silent spring could be the start of catastrophe. The silent spring is indeed not the end for humans, but the situation is an alarm that there are no birds and insects chirping to greet humans, then after that, only time is left for humans who can’t welcome him either.

This can happen, because there are toxic compounds from pesticides carried by insects, birds, to other predators. Compounds that can not be decomposed, namely DDT. This compound does not immediately become a problem such as suddenly exploding or suddenly killing humans. The problem is the compounds is very difficult to decompose and in the post-WW2 era DDT are often spread through the application of pesticides.

In addition to the difficulty of dissolving DDT compounds, the mechanism of dispersal is also a problem for ecosystems, especially humans and top predators. This happens because these toxic compounds are carried by consumer organisms to accumulate in top predators (biomagnification).

It shows that we are like carrying a silent eternal bomb. The bomb sped up to whoever was holding it, detonating unnoticed. Or the bomb is carried by one person and collected on one person, then explodes and the bomb spreads out once again to look for other people.

When Spring is Silent 3 Times

As a result of the popularity of the book written by Carson, the movement for investigation is widespread in many places. President Kennedy also moved to raise this issue to trace the truth. In the end, this DDT compound managed to be banned from reuse. Prevention efforts are intensified to save humans, while conserving living things again to make their voices heard again in the spring.

At a glance, the author imagines what if at that time pesticides with the active ingredient DDT were not banned quickly, maybe it would only be enough for 3 more silent spring seasons to make people riot because the earth and a lot of food are not clean. Also we appearently die on extinction.

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