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Skills for Your Future!

Skills, the individual require today and in the near future

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Only few years ago, people having hard skills were considered superios.

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We are very poor in critical and creative thinking

The man has a tragedy that he quickly believes what he hears and does not try to look at it from another angle.

Emotional Intelligence helps in a positive personality

Emotional intelligence, also called EQ, is the ability to communicate positively, controlling self or others’ emotions in order to reduce stress, and overcome challenges.

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Resilience helps you to bring you to the normal state after stress

It is a quality that brings you back to the state you were in, after a certain psychological or emotional distress.

Unfamiliar with the use of technology, illiterate of the age

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Leadership and social influence is a power

Leadership and social influence provide new opportunities.

Complex problem-solving abilities assist you in quickly overcoming the problems

Problem solving capability is one of the most important abilities that companies look for in job seekers.

Skills for 2025 by Dr. Afzal Badshah

Active learning and learning strategies

People’s learning abilities have vastly enhanced as a result of their efforts.

Analytical thinkers and innovative minds are always needed

Innovative brains are produced by educational institutions that provide analytical and creative courses.

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Afzal Badshah, PhD

Dr Afzal Badshah focuses on academic skills, pedagogy (teaching skills) and life skills.