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Teachers, parents, students: how can I help you?

via Cape Talk

Teachers, students, parents, what can I do to help? I have excess capacity and resources when many do not. If you need someone to chat online with your students, please let me know! Things I can talk about:

-Writing and storytelling
-Secret history
-Cool animals and plants that inspired products we use every day (biomimicry)
-Product design and development
-Paper collage art
-College prep including evaluating schools, college essays
-Theater, film, and TV writing and production
-Need something else? Just ask and I’ll learn it!

And hey, if they just need to talk to someone about anything that’s making them anxious or nervous, I’m here.❤

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Christa Avampato

Christa Avampato

Award-winning author & writer—Product Dev — Biomimicry scientist — Filmmaker. Runs on curiosity & joy.

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