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Age of Awareness

The Failures of DEI

One Instructor’s Story of Inequity at the School of Visual Arts

Close up of the front windshield of a big, yellow school bus. On the window, in big, bright, blue spray paint, the words “Use Your Voice” and smaller, in white marker, the words, stacked: “I Love You” “No Justice” “No Peace.” Below the windshield, the bus logo reads, “Blue Bird” in metal letters,  and above the windshield are the words, “School Bus” in black.
Photo by Stephen Harlan on Unsplash

Equity Requires Distance From Leadership

Six red-orange anthropomorphic pegs grouped together around center left and 1 dark brown peg at a distance to their right against a light bluish-grey background, with their reflections shown in mirror image below.
Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Case Example: The SVA “anti-racist” book club

Looking down over the right shoulder of a white woman with long hair wearing a black, wide-brimmed hat and a white floral dress turning the page of a book she is holding on her lap.
Photo by Fa Barboza on Unsplash

White Ownership of Black Stories OR Why FUBU Actually Matters

1950s elementary school wood chair with a white chair back and natural wood seat. On both surfaces, the words “Whites Only” are hand-written in thin, black marker.
nyc artist de la vega

Can DEI Do Better?

Close-up of rusty, wrought-iron gate, locked and held together by a rusty chain. Behind the gate is a double glass door. On the left door, the number 129 sits at top center in gold, outlined in black. The space behind the doors is dark, but two bright lights from the street are reflected in the glass.
Photo by Scott Rodgerson on Unsplash

Do Better #1: Prohibit Gatekeeping

Do Better #2: Activate Ethics over Rhetoric

Black background with the words, “Blah Blah Blah” stacked. In the first and third rows, the are outlined in white with the letterforms of the L, A, and H suggesting hands opening and closing, making the universal signal for “blah blah blah.” The 2nd row is solid white, hand-lettering.
Martin van Buuren

Do Better #3: Honestly Acknowledge Power

Do Better #4: Be Clear About Positionality

Five people seated on a sofa, from left: a light-skinned 50 year old biracial woman wearing a blue patterned dress with her left arm behind a 78 year old Black woman wearing a red dress; whose left arm is around a 9 year old white-appearing boy wearing a vertical-striped shirt; next to a 78 year old white man in a white patterned shirt with his right arm at a right angle behind the boy’s head; next to a tall, biracial man wearing a burnt orange shirt. They all smile at the camera.
Family 2019 — Photo credit: Brian Crooks

Do Better #5: Center Joy & Healing over Trauma

Do Better #6: Take an Art & Design Approach

A corner view of an art studio with grafitti-style work on the walls, chairs and equipment strewn about, and natural light flowing in from a slightly open window and sky light.
Photo by Matthieu Comoy on Unsplash

Many Allies in Quiet Places

“But That’s Not My Experience”

The word “Solidarity” in scratchy white block letters on a black background. Below the words is a thin, horizontal rectangle outlined in white with 7 thick, white tick marks meant to suggest an app loading. In small white letters beneath the rectangle is the word, “loading.” Behind the rectangle is a white, human hand that looks as if it’s adding the tick marks by hand.
Jernej Furman

Students, Faculty, and Staff



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