The First 1,000 Days

My grandfather was born in Gujarat, India in 1909. He was 20 when he boarded a ship for Mombasa, Kenya.

Tax Receipt, Kenya 1929

Exactly 100 years after my grandfather was born I left the UK, where I was born, and boarded a plane (with a couple of countries in between) for India.

It was in 2014, working from Mumbai, that I dreamt of building a ‘better’ business. Seeing the social complexities of the country, I questioned my own work as a consultant. The work I was doing didn’t feel right.

Mumbai, India

I was looking for something that touched a lot of lives, and was in serious need of an ethical and sustainable upgrade.

Enter candy.

Candy the world over is a treat. It’s ubiquitous across cultures.


Some candy is nasty. Google the ingredients listed on your next bag of gummy bears, watch a few videos on YouTube. You decide.

Image Courtesy: Alina Kneepkens

Cane sugar is a thirsty commodity. Sugarcane is often grown in some of the most water-stressed regions of the planet.

Image Courtesy: AgriOrbit

I found the ‘better’ business I was looking for in a better-made candy.

nomba was born.

nomba means nothing made by animals.

Our first product: 100% vegan gummies with an epic patent-pending chew. Bold flavors, ethically designed and sustainably made from sugarcane grown on water-conserving farms in India.

nomba vegan gummies (hot guava flavor)

Gujarati traders have a saying that if a shop survives the first one-thousand days it will survive through.

Continuing my grandfather’s journey of migration, it seemed fitting that 1,000+ days from starting we’re here to announce that (thanks to Stripe Atlas) nomba is ‘emigrating’ to America.

Shipping soon → join the waitlist

Vinay Taylor
Founder // Head Chef
nomba candies