The Secret to Meditation Explained In A Shocking Parable

The secret is there are no secrets.

Joe Hunt
Age of Awareness
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5 min readMar 14, 2022


One day, a Zen master said to his oldest student it was time for him to learn the highest teaching on the path of meditation (self-knowledge).

The student bowed and said to the master:

“Thank you, master. I have waited most if not all of my life for this moment. I am honored.”

The student knew what he was about to learn had been reserved for centuries for only the wisest and most sincere students of meditation.

The next day, the master and his student set out on an arduous journey up into the mountains.

After a week of daily hiking and camping, they finally arrived at an old, run-down temple.

The master was already inside when the student heard his name being called out — a sign he could enter.

The student creaked the towering, ancient doors open and dropped to his knees in awe, expecting to encounter a legendary 200-year-old master or a revered manuscript.

Instead, the student was shocked to find an empty room with his master standing in the middle with his pants around his ankles.

“You’ve come so far, dear student. Now its time I share with you the highest teaching you will ever learn on the path of meditation.”

“That’s 50-years of calluses you see on my backside.”

“You can’t learn that anywhere—not even in some ancient mountain temple.”

Everyone has their own version of the ancient mountain temple.

It’s the place where all the wisdom you lack sits waiting for you to discover.

It’s all the things that fill the gap in “If only I had… Then I could live my life and be happy.”

But we all know that the reality is, when you do get the thing, the feeling is more like encountering an old man or woman with their pants down.

Disappointing and confusing.

The big question is what you do once such a dream is shattered.

Do you say to yourself, “well this guy is clearly insane —we trekked for a week just so he could show me his



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