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The Perception of One

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Energy speaks before you do.

It was only when I trained in hypnotherapy was the term, perception, brought up formally. Through the hundreds of hours of sessions I’ve had over the years, perception and misperception played a big part in how my clients and the human race perceived the world.

It’s amazing how one split second can change the course of one’s life by how we perceive it.

Recently, I’ve come to interact with people in my life from Facebook friends’ to family friends who have perceived me in a negative light. So I did what I knew was best. I let them think whatever they want of me. If someone thinks I’m the worst person in the world, so be it. If someone thinks I’m the best person in the world (probably my rescue), so be it.

It has nothing to do with me because I am living art. I am a walking Van Gogh painting for those to witness grace and color. Unless I purposely did something harmful towards them (which is not how I roll), how they perceive me is up to them.

These recent interactions reminded me of an incredible story of the perception of one a few years back.

Two different people, two different experiences, one me.

I didn’t know this until four months later, but the exorcism client and the woman who fed the dogs were from the same family. He despised me and she thought I was an angel sent from God.

When I found out they were related, I sat with it and shook my head. I’m pretty sure I even giggled a bit. Because I used to be a people pleaser. I used to want people to like me and felt guilty when they didn’t.

Someone recently told me they took everything I said with a grain of salt. I didn’t bat an eyelash. I get it, my life is different from many others. My stories sound doubtful at times, hell, sometimes I doubt what reality I’m living in. *Interdimensional journeying joke*

I bless them all because I’m living my life, doing what I love, with people I love who support me. I really don’t care as much as I used to as I live and breathe my truth.

And that’s huge. Coming from a first-generation immigrant Vietnamese family who taught me to put others first, this time and forever, I put myself first. I put my faith in myself and walk this Earth plane with dignity and integrity. I walk this path to continue every single day and those who get it, will.



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