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The Role of Clear Instructions in Classroom!

Teachers must understand that unclear instructions are the first step toward learners’ dropout and learning weaknesses.

Clear instructions in Classroom by Dr. Afzal Badshah
Importance of the classroom instructions [Created by Author]
What do the unclear instructions mean? [Created by Author]

“Mr Shahid, please stand up, open your books to page 40, come to exercise #4, and answer question #3.”

It is not a single instruction, it is a combination of 5 or 6 instructions and certainly, the students could not follow it. It is the responsibility of the teacher to divide these instructions and give them a single instruction in time. For example, the teacher should ask them

“Open your math book to page number 40.”

Once the students have opened the books to the page number, the teacher should direct them to

“Go exercise number 4 and so on.”

The volume should be loud, I would say the volume should be optimal, the voice should be clear and the class should be handled with precision.

What are the unclear instructions? [Created by Author]
Instructions to start the class [Created by Author]
Instruction to introduce the topic [Created by Author]

“First, we will discuss the input devices, then we will go toward the output devices, after that, we will cover the storage device, and finally, we will review all the input, output and storage devices.”

How to manage time in the classroom [Created by Author]
  • Three minutes left​
  • Complete your work in three minutes​
  • It’s time to finish
  • Let’s stop now
  • Stop writing, please​
  • Put away your notebooks/books, please​
General instructions/skills for classroom [Created by Author]
  • Can you repeat it, please​
  • Do you understand​
  • Are you with me?​
  • Look at me​
  • Look at the board​
  • Please stop talking now​
  • Listen to Mr A​
  • I can’t listen to you​
  • Show me your notebook​
  • Come to the front of the class​
How to guess the children, having problems with instructions [Created by Author]
Instructions for classroom energizer [Created by Author]
How to enhance classroom instructions skills [Created by Author]

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