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Age of Awareness

The Science and Philosophy of Identity

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In part, this can be attributed to the rise of commercialized DNA testing companies, such as 23andMe, which was founded in 2006. However, fundamental questions of identity have long-fascinated us. From Plato to postmodernism, we have sought to define ourselves through countless lenses, including religious, cultural, spiritual, communal, and individualistic. What are we asking? And what are we hoping to find?

Millions of people look to companies like 23andMe to answer, “Who am I?”

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This continual formation is part of identity: Growth is a state.

Our genome or a functional MRI scan may give us a snapshot of the present, yes. But as epitomized in epigenetics and neuroplasticity, it is far from concrete.

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Are we drawn to DNA technologies to answer questions of individual identity, but ultimately captivated by what connects us?



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