The Secret Weapon for Busy Professionals: Bing Copilot’s Image-to-Text Trick

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2 min readMar 16, 2024


Image generated using Bing Copilot

I’ve been fascinated by the Bing Copilot features ever since I started using it. Today, we’ll look at how the Bing Copilot image icon can turn scanned documents, images, and even handwritten notes into clear, editable text.

Remember my previous article on “How to use Bing Copilot to reverse-engineer AI-generated images”? (Check This time, we’ll tackle the other side of the coin: extracting text from existing visuals.

Here’s the magic trick:

1. Fire up Bing Copilot.

2. Click the image icon.

3. Upload your scanned document, image, or handwritten text.

4. Craft a clear prompt: “Extract texts found in the image.”

5. Let Copilot work its magic for a few seconds.

Voila! Depending on the legibility of your source (clear handwriting is best!), Copilot will extract the text and present it in a ready-to-use format.

This opens doors for countless workflows:

a) Fast-track your typing: Working with an image-based document? Skip the manual effort and let Copilot handle the conversion.

b) Pen and paper to digital: Prefer the freedom of writing by hand? Easily transfer your notes into editable text with Copilot’s help.

Do you have any life-saving tips to further streamline our workflows? Let’s build a community of Copilot power users!

Now it’s your turn! Share your experiences with Bing Copilot’s image icon.



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