The Sustainable Hogwarts.

Explorations of the Bali Green School — Hogwarts for the Rainbow Warriors — Watch out fossil-fuel industry these kids will inherit the World.

The Bali Green School is a vision put into action. That is what I love about it. John Hardy, the school’s visionary and founder decided to build his dream of the most sustainable, playful and nature-centred school he could imagine.

Nestled in the jungles of Bali, the (K — 12) private school is made mostly of curvy and rounded bamboo lines, giving the whole school a playful, soft and treehouse-like feeling. Fresh air and open learning space is the goal and a close proximity to Nature.

Hardy wanted to design a space that would induce this free-flowing, connection and experience to Nature for its students. And for it to be a place where they live, breathe, eat and play. An incubator of sustainability and education.

If I could boil the genius of the school down to one thing: it would be this emphasis on connection to Nature. Yes Sustainability is a science and there are so many “sustainable concepts” to learn that that require knowledge, and training, but the true heart of Sustainability begins by every person’s perception and connection to Nature. It is how they relate to their planet and to all-Life.

You will not protect what you do not Love.

By giving the students space to explore and play amongst the best parts of Nature, the school is seeding the deepest desires to grow-up and protect Mother Earth. And all the while equipping them with the knowledge of sustainable technologies and ways of doing things.

The Kul-Kul Farm is a Permaculture Farm affiliated and located nearby the Green School — You can take Permaculture Design courses there!

The School grounds even have a giant smokey quartz crystal protecting and amplifying all the good, sustainable and magical vibes being created. The Green School is a shining example of the power of a vision and the testament of Human will and ingenuity to create it. John Hardy traced a line in the sand for us to copy for future education and efforts to increase Human Sustainability.

Oh and one last thing, NBD these Green School students have over 1 million views on and have driven the campaign Bye Bye Plastic Bags that has convinced their governor to commit to a plastic bag-free Bali by 2018. Just one example of the potential that an environment like this can foster.

So, we just have to wait for these super geniuses who have been educated at places like this and who have grown-up to love Nature to take the reigns. And we must actively cultivate leadership and stewardship of the planet in our children and educational systems. These kids will become leaders in the corporate, social and political realms and can revolutionize the way we do things.

We must change the way we educate to change our future.

Emma and I hanging at The Green School

Taylor Akemi Walsh -The Destiny Seeker

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