The Top 3 defining tasks of the Education Minister.

The education minister’s mandate

Upon hearing about Dr. Matthew Opoku Prempeh’s nomination and appointment as our education minister designate, I thought to myself- is that good or is that great?

No matter how great the news is, the greatest indication to us seeing a new face of operations at the Education ministry, would settle on three critical areas the ministry would need to utterly fix. Otherwise, we might as well expect nothing so great from his appointment.

The ultimate task of Dr Opoku Prempeh’s duty will be to increase access to education and a strategic focus on meeting the demand for quality in the education system in Ghana.

All is actually not gloomy in Ghana, the truth is that our indices in progress over the years have shown great strides in reducing teacher to student ratio, which by the way still leaves much to be desired, increasing school infrastructure by great margins with respect to preceding years and when compared to other systems in the sub region, we are far better off.

Those are awesome developments, but if we, as a country, are serious about our next generation and our socio-economic development in the years ahead, then the following will be totally indispensable.

Building the A list Team

The poor work coordination between the Ghana Education Service and the Ministry of Education is one many of us are familiar with. The onus lies heavily on the Minister to thoroughly find out actual root causes of this coordination problem and totally discard it as he would a vicious cancer cell. It is evident there is not a united front to the operations at both the ministry and GES and that is his first call on his responsibility.

A total overhaul of needless bureaucracies

Without exaggeration, the needless bureaucracy in most ministries in Ghana is totally nothing to write home about. Our dear minister would have the herculean task of shredding this’’ long standing’’ but irrelevant tradition that do nothing but drag productive work into snail paced progress. Any serious Minister should consider this task.

A real relationship with corporate Ghana

Dr. Opoku Prempeh’s commitment will be duly evident in how he manages building an education ministry that appeals to the collaborative interests of Corporate Ghana. Time without number, we have heard news of industry and education meeting to build collaboration which turns out to rather be a cosmetic proposal without actual results shown. Indeed, most of the results of the Education ministry are both in short term and long term dimensions.

However, without the fore mentioned, we might as well forget making sustainable impact in the sector.

Education is the right of every individual, without various incentives for all its stakeholders, most of its results are left to chance. The task at hand for the education minister is to commit to inspiring a total change of how things will be ran in that sector. Our eyes are dilated and we are watching,looking out to catch the ministry doing great work so we can all commend as exceptional. I personally expect these to start off with and I hope not to be disappointed.

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