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There’s Really No Need to Compete With Anybody as a Content Creator

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What happens when two birds bump into each other in the sky? I’ve not seen it, but I’m betting that they will lose balance and fall.

I was doing a personal assessment today and was looking at people with a bigger following than I have, and before I could start worrying about getting more followers than them, this title came to my mind.

There’s really no need to compete with anybody in the content creation game.

There’s a time and place to be competitive but never as a content creator. I see content creation as expressing your uniqueness. Once you start comparing and competing with other people, you begin to lose focus. That’s never the point. Your priority should be on creating value by expressing what’s unique to you.

There’s no room for competition. Yes, it can feel somehow knowing that you and someone who started roughly the same time, now has more engagement that you do. It’s normal. But what’s not normal and shouldn’t be cross your mind is focusing on that person all the time.

Doing that will make you focus less on yourself and your art, to focusing on what the other person is creating.

You start to copy the person’s style and the type of content they produce in general — which is wrong.

One thing I’ve learned so far in my content writing journey is that your uniqueness is what brings people to you, which is why I try to use my stories and experiences as themes for my articles, and it works so well.

I’ve said this severally, that people will keep coming back to you when you show them who you are through your stories. That’s your uniqueness. That’s you. Nobody can copy you, they can copy your strategy, but they can’t copy your story — you can’t copy anyone’s story either.

As of July 2020, there were about 4.57billion internet users. So, I’m going to ask you this; Do you think there’s any need to compete with anyone when there are such amounts of people on the internet?

It’s a no brainer competing with someone because you feel like they have a larger audience than you do. They got there because they leveraged their unique stories and kept on feeding their audience with content.

Do you now want to compete with them by trying to be the better content creator? Does that even make sense? Even if you’re in the same niche and talking about the same type of things; You still have to put in the work on your end to add what makes your platform special. This is how you build a brand. It’s how people get to know you.

Just don’t compete. Instead of doing that, try and collaborate. Get them featured on your podcast, youtube channel, or blog. This way, both of you grow from each other’s audience.

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