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Three ways Pawtocol is Revolutionizing Animal Welfare Organizations

Pawtocol has been designed with the key pain points of Animal Welfare Organizations (AWOs) in mind because it offers additional revenue streams that can fund operations and its features will improve efficiency making volunteers more productive.

When it comes to animal rescues, not only do pain points exist in the fact that animals desperately need homes, but the process from intake to a final adoption is often riddled with problems that prevent the quality of life that pets deserve.

At Pawtocol, our greatest mission is to improve the lives of pet and pet parents. Created by a team of animal lovers including data scientists, veterinarians, engineers, economists, and industry-insiders, Pawtocol solves several key pain points of AWOs, allowing them to:

improve the organization of important information

generate new revenue

help staff be more productive

Problem: Informally-organized, largely volunteer-based staff must collect and store a variety of critical information about animals under their care, often without the help of advanced software systems

Solution: Pawtocol’s Universal Pet Record

The organization of vital information relating to the pet begins with our Blockchain Dog Tag and Blockchain Pet ID, which permanently secures all an animal’s data in one place. This dramatically simplifies switching foster parents, going to the vet or the adoption of the pet by their forever family.

Keeping all of the information about an animal organized becomes challenging when there are numerous people recording information about each pet. The device helps to organize data about medical records, vaccinations, their diet and, even the medications that they take. This means that a shelter can have all this information in a consolidated format. It’s then stored in our Universal Pet Record, or UPR.

The Universal Pet Record, is a standardized pet medical records system that pet parents and vets can rely upon. What’s more, since these data are stored on the blockchain, important information can’t be lost or accidentally changed.

Diagnosing any illness requires highly-accurate, granular data spanning the life of the patient. Pawtocol’s UPR will give veterinarians easy-access to vital information about their patients, even if they’ve seen other vets or had multiple owners. That’s because the UPR relies upon the Blockchain Dog Tag to organize medical data.

For example, when an animal is adopted, the AWO can easily transfer all the pet’s information, which will provide extraordinary knowledge that can guide the daily decision-making process for a pet from what to feed them to how to take care of their health.

The Universal Pet Record stores all a pet’s vital information.

Problem: AWOs need additional revenue to provide for more animals in need within their region

Solution: All of the data collected within the Pawtocol ecosystem remains completely in the control of pet parents (in this case AWO staff) and the app offers its users to be paid for sharing it.

With Pawtocol, you own your data and, more importantly, the right to choose how much you are paid for sharing it. For an AWO that has dozens, or hundreds, of animals under its care, this can translate to a substantial income stream for doing exactly what they’re already doing. Here are a few examples of how this will work:

  1. A major food manufacturer wants to know precisely who is buying which lines of food in a certain region so that they can target sales in new markets. Each time an AWO staff member purchases food using the app, they can choose to share their data with the manufacturer in exchange money.
  2. A research team wants to study the effects of a new drug on a certain breed. Each time an AWO staff member takes an animal to the vet for that drug, they can choose to share medical information with the researchers in exchange for money.
  3. With the volume of animals that walk through the doors of even a modest sized AWO, it’s clear that these payments can add up to a substantial new income source that administrators can use to better serve the animal community. And, since these payments occur seemlessly on the app in the form of Pawtocol’s native currency, Universal Pet Income, using this income to provide core services like purchasing food or seeking veterinary care is safe and easy.
UPI can be earned simply by sharing information.

Solution: Pawtocol’s EZ Vet Micro-Clinics

One of the most demanding activities of any AWO is securing veterinary care for their animals. To ensure a healthy adoption, shelters send animals for checkups and sometimes more involved procedures to their verified vets with whom they have relationships. This means shuttling animals to and from appointments, coordinating payments and collecting often extensive paper records.

Pawtocol has partnered with a patented, revolutionary new veterinary clinic called EZ Vets. EZ Vet facilities are micro-clinics that can be setup in neighborhoods, retail stores or even within an AWO office itself. Their clinics offer a wide range of preventative care, routine diagnostics and dental treatments for pets, administered by a trusted, licensed veterinary professional. This is essentially the pet version of a minute-clinic you might find in CVS.

EZ Vets provide prompt and reliable service.

Routine treatments at EZ Vet clinics offer several important advantages to AWOs:

  1. Travel time to and from a veterinary clinic is shorter. Due to their smaller size and modular design, an EZ Vet clinic can be set up just about anywhere, which means you’re more likely to find a clinic closer to a foster home or AWO office.
  2. Scheduling appointments is effortless. Like Pawtocol, EZ Vet is built using technologies the average veterinary office doesn’t utilize. One of the benefits of this is managing appointments can be done entirely online, from a computer or smartphone.
  3. AWO administrators can more easily manage payments veterinary care. All of EZ Vets services can be paid for with Pawtocol’s token, UPI, directly within the app. This means AWO admins don’t need to share credit cards or banking info, and can instead pay bills with a simple click. Controls can also be setup allowing for support personnel to pay bills directly, should AWO admins choose to delegate that authority.
  4. Collecting and storing important medical records is automatic. When a pet receives care at an EZ Vet clinic, the clinic staff starts by scanning the Pawtocol Blockchain Dog Tag. This ensures that all of the information collected during the appointment is automatically and permanently stored within the Pawtocol system without the need to scan documents or hand-enter data.
  5. AWOs can be more responsive in the face of an emergency. If a pet needs urgent medical attention, the shelter often needs to release the medical records to the vet, not the foster, before the pet can get any treatment. As a result, the process results in a dangerous waste of time when treatment is necessary. With Pawtocol, sharing this vital information can either be automated, or simply take a few clicks.

Pawtocol is the world’s first data-driven ecosystem that will revolutionize the way a pets information is organized, effectively reshaping the AWO landscape while improving the lives of pets.

Learn more about Pawtocol:

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