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Touch The Sky to Plant Trees — Yes, Drones come to rescue the environment

What are Drones? If you know it, skip this

What are the typical uses of Drone?

  • Events and Gatherings — Taking aerial video shots for movies, sports events, music concerts, personal occasions, and other events that have mass gatherings.
  • Personal and Entertainment — There is a big market for toy drones with bright colored LEDs, colors, etc, used by children -more for fun and entertainment. A huge demand also comes from vloggers and travel enthusiasts who shoot aerial shots of their travel journey, adventure, and the place. In this case, the drones are bigger in size, attached with cameras and mobile phone apps to maneuver and operate.
  • Monitoring and Surveillance — Increasingly government & large corporations have started using drones for surveillance, traffic monitoring, keeping a tab on anti-social elements, inspecting hard to reach hazardous places, and even military purposes.
  • Delivery — The recent pandemic and social distancing norms have propelled the demand for Drones to be used for carrying e-commerce deliveries and food parcels. The drones will lift the package from the source, the tracking system along with the Pilot will guide the drone to its destination and the delivery is done. Recently, a startup from Ireland Manna Aero started a drone delivery service to deliver medicines to sick people locked in their homes.

So why are we using Drone to Plant Trees?

Drones provide the Solution

What are the factors required for Drone to Plant Trees?

  • Quality and size of the Drone — There are many smaller drones in the market which can be used for the video shoot, but lifting objects might not be their cup of seed (~tea). The build of the drone for planting trees should be durable enough to lift the high quantity of seeds.
  • Ability to map the territory — Drones need to mark the areas suitable for dropping the seeds using machine learning technologies, 3D imaging, etc.
  • Protecting the Seeds — If a human goes and plant trees, he/she will ensure to bury it in the ground, so as to protect it from animals and being flown away. In the case of drones, it is highly recommended to use a protected nutrient coating which acts as a safe shell.

Are there any companies using Drones to plant trees?

Is there any action on the ground?

Umm Al Quwain, UAE

Toronto, Canada

Aravali mountain range, India

Finals Words

Drones to Plant Trees. Photo Unsplash



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