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Upset by “Critical Race Theory?” Learn How To Manage Your Own Feelings

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Did it make me feel good to learn these unsavory facts about my ancestors?


Was it necessary for me to learn this? Yes.

“People need to stop giving oxygen to the idea that teaching America’s history in full is an exercise in making. people. or. children. feel bad about themselves. Not the objective. Not the purpose. Not the hidden agenda. Wisdom is earned by confronting hard truths.”
Meme from Michelle Norris — Twitter

Was it fun to learn this?

No. In fact it felt like a knife to the heart.

Is it necessary for me to know this? Yes.

How are we supposed to move forward as a country if we can’t even talk about how many of our founders — including the ones from the North — owned slaves?

We can’t move forward if we don’t fully understand our past.



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Writing on the Wall

Writing on the Wall

Suzie Null is a former middle and high school teacher and current professor of Teacher Education. Follow her on Twitter at WritingontheWall @NullSet16