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Using an Open Source CMS to Teach Web Development to High School Students

Clint Patterson teaching web development at Northwestern High School in Rock Hill, South Carolina

Teaching Web Development to High School Students

Mario Donato, teacher at Northwestern High School
Clint Patterson presents to a Northwestern High School class. The photos in this post were taken by Yellow Cape Communications

Hands-On Web Development

To help teach web development, Patterson taught students how to build basic web pages via an open source CMS, DNN Platform. Prior to his visit, Patterson worked in the classroom to set up the 22 computers. Each computer was configured with:

Putting the DNN CMS into “edit mode”
Editing a page in the CMS

Making an Impact

“If you don’t mind, could you guide me through the steps of downloading DNN to my laptop?” [a student who attended Patterson’s session]

Setting page attributes in the CMS

Looking to the Future

As these students look towards college and later to professional careers, how do they stay current with web development? According to Patterson, “There is so much to learn! I told students that they can’t go wrong with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. There’s a lot happening with JavaScript frameworks, like Angular, React, Aurelia, and Node.”

Using a CMS to learn web development

Wrapping Up



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