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We All Hate Our Old Writing, but We Still Have to Look Back at Them

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I still look back at my old articles and wonder if I was drunk while I was writing it. I give kudos to myself for having the confidence to publish such poorly written content.

To me, they were good, but looking at them seven months later makes me cringe. It’s tough to read the article entirely because it is embarrassing. But on one end, I’m thankful that I find it hard to read because it shows that I’m improving.

Writing is a continuous journey, and who knows how I will feel a year from now about this particular article I’m writing?

I still feel proud of some of my earlier content. The reaction is more on the positive side than otherwise because I start to wonder how I knew what I was talking about.

I think that’s why I like writing so much — you’re proud of some, and you wonder what you were thinking for the others — it’s always a mystery. It will be a problem, though, if you’re proud of all the content you’ve written in the past. It’s a bad sign that shows that you’ve not improved as a writer.

Everyone has heard how to become a better writer — consume quality information and write more. In the past, I was all about writing frequently, but now I see consuming quality content as a great tool to write better.

I see consuming quality content as a great tool to write better.

The writing part is the technical aspect, which can be learned, but you still have to consume quality to give out quality. Because in the end, people will remember you for the value you’ve created and not how well you wrote the “value.”

As writers, our thinking has to improve to become better writers. We have to live, read, and communicate with people. Writing it down and publishing it is just the final task. The hard work is feeding your mind with value from your environment, so you’ll have something interesting to say. When I compare my older articles with the present ones, the changes are evident because of practice and the content I consume.

I write better now because I think better and consume better, and I’ve practiced the art more. If I’ve improved 50% after all this time, imagine the growth when it compounds overtime?

In the writing space, the more you do, the more you grow — as with any craft. At times when you see your pictures when you were 13, you cringe because that version of you wasn’t as sophisticated as you are now. That’s the same thing here; It’s all part of growth.

It’s normal to cringe at your old articles because it shows how well you’ve improved as a writer. It’s a bad sign if you look at all of them with admiration because it shows that you’ve not grown — instead, you’re falling behind.

So whenever you feel stuck, look back at your old articles and see how far you’ve come.

That’s all I have for you today. Thank you for reading.

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