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Weekend Thoughts: Returning to the Status Quo?

Returning to pre-pandemic practices in schools

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Here is our weekend newsletter, on a Monday. This newsletter is coming from Stephen Muskett, M.S.Ed (who is a teacher by day) so this should give a good insight into the life of many teachers in the US at the moment. Struggling to keep up. There is the intention to make these newsletters more consistent and more streamlined in their content. I will work to make that a reality. I need to remember to not let the pursuit of perfect stop me from sharing anything.

Moving back to pre-pandemic schools

We are deep into March 2022 now and many schools are making the move to return to not only a maskless indoor setting but also returning to unjust and unfair pre-pandemic school policies. This is for both the students and the teachers. For students, back to policies that ignore and worsen systemic racism and classism. And similar situations for the teachers.

We truly had the opportunity to rethink and restructure school systems (obviously not ideal to attempt during a global pandemic but it still gave us that room) but unfortunately we have squandered this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Some school systems and individual teachers used these past two years to make moves in the right direction but overall it seems like this opportunity was squandered. If you know of any positive examples in schools please feel free to share them with us, we would love to highlight such efforts with our community of 45k+ readers.

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