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Weekend Thoughts: Teacher Burnout and Student Impact

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Teacher burnout has been a more common theme in the Age of Awareness community and a feeling that I have been experiencing more recently. But one must wonder what type of impact this has on the students in the school. To have the trusted adults, a main component in the classroom, leaders of the school leave by the dozens. How does this impact the students’ well-being and relationship with learning? Read more in our full Age of Awareness newsletter here.

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Top stories of the past two weeks:

Teachers are Done. No, Really by Dina Ley

How Can Anyone Learn About the Constitution Without Considering Racism? by Allison Gaines

This is How The E-Learning Future Can Actually Look Like by Eva Keiffenheim

Master the Skill of Studying by Samu Kaarlela

White Backlash Against Ketanji Brown Jackson About to Begin by Herbert Dyer, Jr.

Felonious Actions By A School Board? by Carl J. Petersen



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