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Age of Awareness

What are the big challenges of the next decade?

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Why not spend our time trying to solve the significant problems?

So, what are the real challenges of the next decade?


As the population of the earth continues to increase, the general population doesn’t know how to grow it, and that leaves us vulnerable. We have a serious task of feeding the world. It needs to be done more efficiently, with less water waste.

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As our population increases, our environmental impact will continue to be felt. This is deeply upsetting because the planet is dying because of me. I’m the problem. People just like me are buying goods from companies that are raping our planet. The same companies are taking advantage of the poor. What the hell am I doing?

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If you are reading this, then you have access to water. Our world only has so much of it, but we are abusing it. It’s unfairly distributed across our planet. Historically civilizations were built around bodies of water for survival. With modernization and industrialization, that’s not the case anymore, but should it be? Shouldn’t we understand our water impact throughout our lives?

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As population levels rise, we’re going to need to evolve our hygiene. Each country will face some degree of evolution. In cities with extreme density, they will face or are already an ever-growing problem of sanitation.

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People are dying and will continue to die from preventable diseases due to lack of knowledge, medicine, care, or access.

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Wrapping Up

How do we get from here to there in solving them?

  • First, attitude and tenacity.
  • Second, a lot of hard work.
  • Third, a multitude of people joining together to be the change.


The audacity of a single person impacting the world seems both insane and heroic. Do you believe that you can change the world? Do you think that you will be able to accomplish your efforts? There are forces outside your control that will make it extremely difficult for you to achieve your goals. Are you still willing?

Hard Work

If you are the only one working towards a solution. Are you still going to work hard at it?

Joining Together and Forming a Movement

We cannot accomplish this alone. It must be together, and it requires a collective effort of people committing to it.



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